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Auditioning For Commercials - With Paul Awad

What type of commercials are there? How do you read a commercial script? What makes a successful audition?

Learn the process of auditioning for commercials and how to put your best foot forward. Through a relaxed workshop dialogue with professional director and acting teacher Paul Awad, students discuss and work through exercises designed to give them the techniques and skills necessary for a successful commercial audition.

Subjects covered include: Types of commercials. The cold reading. Breaking down the script. The audition. Selling the product.

35 min.

$ 79.00
$ 99.00

Auditioning For The Camera - With Paul Awad

Where should you look during an audition? What makes a good headshot? What should you wear?

Paul Awad, professional director and acting teacher, guides students through workshop exercises created to help actors make the most of their audition time, bring out their unique qualities and give them a solid grasp of the auditioning process and the skills necessary to get the part.

Subjects covered include: Head shots. The audition. Call-backs. Working with the camera. How to rehearse. Face time.

35 min.

$ 79.00
$ 99.00

Audition: The Video Series

Michael Shurtleff teaches an approach to acting that helps students learn to locate their own inner strengths and bring these strengths to bear with maximum energy and force in each role and each moment on the stage. In the four programs of "Audition: The Video Series," Michael explores the 12 guideposts with a group of workshop students. Each guidepost is articulated by Michael, then illustrated by the presentation and analysis of brief scenes. Michael probes relentlessly to help his students find the core of each scene and to take emotional risks along the way.

Audition: Part One

Relationship: Michael Shurtleff demonstrates that actors must always ask "Where is the love in the scene?" even in a scene of conflict, to get to the deepest emotional content.Conflict: "What are you fighting for" Michael shows how actors must search out the conflict in every scene. Without conflict, there is no drama.The Moment Before: Michael and his students explore how to start a scene with full energy. Something must propel you onto the stage and it must be an action, not simply an idea or a mood.

30 min.

$ 89.95
$ 99.95

Audition: Part Two

Humor: Humor is not jokes; humor arises from pain and enables us to carry on in spite of it. Discover how to search out the humor in even the most tragic scene. Opposites: Whatever your motivation in as scene, your performance should also include its opposites; the tension in the scene will arise from sudden alteration between the opposites.Discoveries: A scene, even an audition scene, can quickly become rote. Michael shows how to keep "making things happen for the first time" through a constant process of discovery.

30 min.

$ 89.95
$ 99.95

Audition: Part Three

Communication and Competition: Getting beyond self-expression to true communication: a continuous cycle of messages and responses , energized by competition. Importance: Locating the dramatic core. Even a minor character must approach each scene as if their life will be destroyed if they don't win.Finding The Events: "What's really happening in the play?" It's always a change in a relationship and the actor must locate that change and find a way to physicalize it.

30 min.

$ 89.95
$ 99.95

Audition: Part Four

Place: Creating a sense of place even on a bare stage. The emotional relationship to place is more than the place itself. Game Playing and Role Playing: Games and roles are not insincere or fantasy, they are the structures through which we process reality and relationships. Mystery and Secret: Articulation of role and motive only go so far. At the core of any great performance is a core of mystery, of wonder and of the inexplicable.

30 min.

$ 89.95
$ 99.95

Audition 4 Tape Series

4 Tape Series

The 4 tape set of the popular "Audition :The Video Series"

120 min.

$ 279.00

The Craft Of Acting: Auditioning with Alan Miller

"His tips on staying creative before an audition are to my knowledge, utterly unique." - Michael Bloom, Director & UCLA Professor "Miller's comments and insights are highlights of what is most important in acting. I will recommend this tape to all my students." - Moni Yakim, Chairman, Julliard School

Alan Miller has taught and directed thousands of actors including Barbara Streisand, Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, Lily tomlin, Judd Hirsch, Dianne Wiest, Peter Boyle, Kirstie Alley, Sigourney Weaver, Ron Liebman, Bruce Davison, Run McClanahan, Gerladine Page and Jim Caviezel, and has acted in over 200 films, TV shows and plays. In this program he give practical advice and techniques on how to achieve a successful audition in any situation, whether its a cold reading, a warm reading, a prepared monologue or call back. Miller directs actors as they give live auditions for him. He the works with the actors to show them how to bring out the character through physical and vocal choices. What is the "emotional arc" for the character in the scene? How does the character dress, walk, dream? Perhaps the most valuable section of this tape is Miller's suggestions for enduring the rigors of waiting for your name to be called. He shows you how to use the time to "tune up" and build confidence.

43 min.

$ 49.00

Audition Techniques

The purpose of this video is to prepare students or other aspiring actors for successful auditions in high school theater, community theater, university theater, professional theater and theme parks. Features two working actors, illustrating proper and improper audition pieces.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Includes: how to analyze and rehearse your monologue/song, preparing the audition, how to vocally and physically warm up before the audition, proper and improper auditions, how to select the right monologue, how to select the right song,cold readings, preparing your resume and photographs.

70 min.

$ 119.00

$ 119.00


Auditioning For The Actor

Highly recommended! Anton offers clear, concise advice for performers who want to prepare themselves to win the countless auditions actors must take for those elusive acting jobs. - Video Rating For Librarians

University of California acting teacher William Anton shows how to evaluate your own strengths as an actor and then how to select material that will support those strengths. As actors provide examples of monologues, prepared scenes and cold readings, Anton critiques their performance, while exploring pre-audition skills and strategies that will help an actor to feel prepared and confident. Acting students at any level will benefit from this straight forward, easily assimilated plan.

46 min.

$ 79.00
$ 79.00

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