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A revolutionary new acting series that totally changes how students look at the acting, strategies that were pioneered by World renowned Russian actor and theatre director, Constantin Stanislavsky. Help activate student's acting techniques with this powerful acting series by Hollywood acting teacher & director, Timothy Craig.

Stanislavsky from the Outside In takes Stanislavsky's acting theories from inside your head and puts them outside of you, so students observe, react & immediately apply them to their acting, directing & writing.

SAVE $100 8 DVD Set: FREACT8 $299

Students will Learn:

The misconceptions and myths of the origins of American Stanislavsky techniques and how Soviet actors turned to human behavior to revolutionize acting How specific Models of Human Behavior take observations from life, then make them bigger than life so these behaviors are available to students for communicating life back to an audience Structure and vocabulary so that acting, directing and writing are precisely communicated and repeatable The division of labor that actors, directors and writers must understand to work professionally with each other in the industry. Exactly what feelings and emotions are and their specific roles in creating emotions in the audience How prop use in rehearsal carries over to performance Experience techniques in real time and how to incorporate the concepts taught

Bonus Material: Each program is accompanied by a Teacher's & User's Guide supplying valuable supplemental explanations, exercises & charts. Available for download directly from our website.

About Timothy Craig: Timothy Craig studied acting and script analysis personally with Stella Adler and Ron Burrus at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting in New York City and later with Evgeny Lanskoy, a master acting teacher and émigré from the Soviet Union, and learned from him some of these revolutionary, model-based acting techniques. Timothy holds an MFA in Film Production from the USC Graduate School of Cinema in Los Angeles. He currently teaches Acting for the Camera techniques at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre in Hollywood, California. Former and current students include Judd Nelson (Suddenly Susan), Melanie Griffith (Working Girl), Chris McDonald (Boardwalk Empire) and Gary Gulman (Comedy Central), Olga Segura (Goats)


Stanislavsky Censored: An Acting Revolution Begins Take your acting from human behavior

Each program clears up the misconceptions and myths of the origins of American Stanislavsky techniques and reveals how Soviet actors turned to human behavior to revolutionize acting.
SAVE $20 2 DVD Set: FSTAN1 $79.98


A Tradition of Acting – Volume 1

From Russia to the US The amazing 115-year revolution of Stanislavsky Acting Training

Tells the amazing story of the progression of Stanislavsky acting training in the United States and how some of the major Stanislavsky-influenced acting techniques relate to each other and to Stanislavsky from the Outside In.
Teaches: Stanislavsky studying actors; Moscow Art Theater & the Russian Revolution; Stella Adler; Group Theater & the American Great Depression; Lee Strasberg; Sanford Meisner.

14 min.


A Basic Shift Occurs: Soviet Acting Models – Volume 2

Defining Acting through Human Behavior

Soviet Acting Models relates how Stanislavsky began his study of acting by watching the great actors of his day and the change that occurred as Soviet actors observed human behavior and discovered that by defining actions through Movement with Purpose, their acting became quickly doable and specific.
Teaches: Acting Models; Stella Adler in the Stanislavsky Tradition before the Soviets; the Two-Part Model of an Action.

12 min.


Stanislavsky Materialized: Body Over Mind Let the Audience Know What You're Thinking

In these three programs, we use Models of Human Behavior to communicate life truthfully back to an audience. These Models provide structure and vocabulary allowing them to be applied to acting, directing or writing then shared and repeated.
SAVE $20 3 DVD Set: FSTAN2 $129.97


The Weight Model – Volume 3

Character Acting - Psychological Weight vs. Physical Weight

Explains how Psychological Weight is different than your Physical Weight. Vital for applying to character work and for acting in commercials
Teaches: Light weight; Heavy weight; Equal weight.

9 min.


The Four Circles of Attention Model – Volume 4

The Importance of On-camera Eyeline

Continues the discovery that our bodies can reflect what our minds are thinking by revealing how we place our attention in different locations including the past, present and future.
Teaches: Attention on your own body; attention on your immediate surroundings; attention outside your immediate surrounding; attention "one with the universe."

18 min.


The Three-Part Model of Action – Volume 5

Reaction and - Indispensable for Film & Television work

This very powerful program describes what makes actions change, what a reaction looks like, when reactions occur and what reactions are used for.
Teaches: Reactions; Adjustments; Influences

20 min.


Stanislavsky Rehabilitated: The Actor's Process in the 21st Century Apply Your Craft to the Set

Today's actors, directors and writers must work quickly and smartly to be successful at their crafts. The acting Models in these three programs provide the knowledge and perspective you need to work effectively, efficiently and with confidence with other creative professionals.
SAVE $20 3 DVD Set: FSTAN3 $129.97


The Materials Model – Volume 6

The Essential Division of Labor between Actors, Directors & Writers

Reveals the "materials" that actors, directors and writers use in their professions and the division of labor this allows. A must for working effectively on a set.
Teaches: The writer's material; The director's material; The actor's material.

12 min.


The Feelings Model – Volume 7

How to Create Emotions in the Audience

Another revolutionary shift in technique to help students understand exactly what feelings and emotions are and their specific roles in creating emotions in the audience.
Teaches: What exactly are feelings and emotions? Who feels them? Who are they for?

12 min.


Rehearsal Models/Questions/In Class With Stella Adler – Volume 8

Rehearsal Models - Our Reactions are to the External

Rehearsal Models apply the Models on-set and reinforce that what we react to in life is external and not from inside us. The Addition of Truth Model demonstrates how prop use in rehearsal carries over to performance. The Teacup Poodle Model demonstrates how actors, can create an image outside of them for a desired response.
Teaches: What makes a professional "professional"; How Acting Models are applied to acting; Loading; the Teacup Poodle Model; acting advice from Stella Adler.

17 min.



with Award-Winning Filmmaker & ACTOR Jeff Rector
The Bold & the Beautiful", "NYPD Blue", "Beverly Hills 90210", "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

*LEARN everything they "don't" teach you in acting school!
* A must-see for any actor or actress that wants to work in the field of Television & Motion Pictures

Teaches: * Casting Tips * Cold-reading & Audition Tips * The Business of Show Business * How to Network & Market Yourself * Landing an Agent & Manager * Interviews & Advice from Industry Insiders The Series Includes Interviews with Directors, Producers, Casting Directors, Writers & Actors Featuring:
Josh Cruze (Actor/Musician/Songwriter - "24", "ER", "Collateral)
Daniel Roebuck (Actor – "US Marshalls", "The Fugitive")
Tim Russ (Actor/Writer/Director - Series Regular on "Star Trek: Voyager")

Acting For Succes, is the most comprehensive collection of Industry information available today. This series will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, learning what it takes most actors, years to learn. Acting for Success covers everything from auditioning to marketing and the business of Show Business including interviews with industry insiders, celebrities, directors, producers and casting directors. Jeff Rector has the unique perspective of working both in front of and behind the camera as an award-winning writer, director, producer and actor.

Jeff Rector is an award-winning filmmaker whose credits include "Revamped" and "Fatal Kiss", which won the "Best Screenplay" award at the AFFMA International Film Festival and was broadcast worldwide by HBO. As a working actor, Jeff has appeared in over 30 films and on television. His TV credits include "The Bold & The Beautiful", The Novella series "Saints and Sinners" and "Desire", "Everybody Hates Chris", "NYPD Blue", "Beverly Hills 90210", and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" to name a few.

SAVE $80! Get the 3 DVD Acting for Success Set for ONLY $129.85 FACTS3 $129.85

3 DVD Acting for Success Set: FACTS3


This program provides guidance on how to get started as a professional actor, including information on headshots and putting together a professional resume. You'll learn about the submission process and how you can get work on your own through industry media and online casting. Also covered is how to get "extra work", and how to get paid to learn while working on a film or television set. This program provides valuable information about talent representation with Agents and Managers, and the differences between the two agencies you need to know before signing a contract.
Teaches: Getting Started, Resumes, Extra Work, Submissions, Agents & Managers, Auditioning.
Bonus Material: Includes tips from professionals Suze Lanier (Headshot Photographer to the Stars), Cameron Fierro (Actor).

40 min.



Geared for the actor or actress who is already "working" in the business and has representation. It covers all types of acting opportunities including commercials, soap operas, industrial films, music videos, television and film and includes the different approaches and audition techniques unique to each type of audition. There is also a separate segment on improvisation and how important it is for actors to learn to improvise and "think outside the box".
Teaches: Audition Callbacks, Make-up & Wardrobe, Casting Directors, Types of Acting Work, Commercials, Soap Operas, Industrial Films, Music Videos, Improvisation, Modeling and Stunts.
Bonus Material: Includes tips from professionals Jeff Olan (Casting Director - "Medium", "Grey's Anatomy", "Pulp Fiction"), Eddie Conna (Actor/Stuntman - "Fast & Furious", "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Catherine Asimov (Fashion Photographer)..

40 min.



A must-see for any actor no matter what level they are at in their career. Most actors are not as successful as they should be, because they don't understand the business of acting. This program gives a great insight into the value of networking, marketing and self-promotion that will take you to the next level of success. Also covered are the do's and don'ts of casting and what you need to know for an effective demo reel. Actors need to understand that having an agent or manager is just the beginning to success. It is vital to continuously promote and market yourself.
Teaches: Casting Director Workshops, The Business of Show Business, Networking, Marketing, Postcards, Demo Reels.
Bonus Material: Includes tips from the professionals Tyler Nietzel (Actor - "300"), Daniel Roebuck (Actor - "Lost", "CSI Miami"), Tim Russ (Actor/Writer/Director - Series Regular on "Star Trek: Voyager", "Samantha Who?", "ER"), Josh Cruze (Actor - "24", "ER"), Garret Wang - (Actor - Series Regular on Star Trek: Voyager)..

40 min.


Making It In Hollywood - The Directors Series

Honoring Hollywood's Finest Directors & Cinema's Finest Filmmakers, Discussing all Aspects of Their Careers & the Art of Filmmaking. A must-have for film students! This innovative series goes behind the scenes of different movies & talks with each director about their careers behind the camera. It provides masterful insights on the craft of directing & is a fabulous source of insight, anecdotes & industry secrets for students of film. Discover directors' earliest reactions to scripts for films that became classics; how legendary scenes were staged & shot & directors' unique approaches to their art. Each program features an interview with the director, selected guests, film clips & stills.


Director Mel Stuart – Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory

An insight look at the making of Roald Dahl's original Charlie & the Chocolate Factory featuring Wolper protégé Mel Stuart

In the late 1960s, the key team members of David L. Wolper Productions, who had been champions of TV documentaries, began to produce feature films. Among the first of their slate of features was a screen adaptation of Roald Dahl's notable 1964 book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In 1970, Wolper's team, led by director Mel Stuart, went to Germany to film the movie version of the Dahl book. Entitled Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the film was released in 1971 to surprisingly minimal acclaim. Today, the film has elevated to cult classic status and is a favorite among new generations.

In this exclusive program, Stuart opens up about the inception, making and aftermath of Willy Wonka and how he first discovered the book. He discusses how and why the film was put together, details about the writing of the final script, creating principal photography on sets and locations in Germany and the eventual reception of the film both upon its initial release and in later years.

Mel Stuart - Film Director & Producer
Stuart has directed or produced over one hundred and eighty films. Among the many acknowledgments of his work have been four Emmys, a Peabody Award, an Oscar Nomination and numerous awards from festivals around the world.

20 min. F2678DVD


Making It In Hollywood - The Directors Series (3 DVD Set)

Honoring Hollywood’s Finest Directors & Cinema’s Finest Filmmakers, Discussing all Aspects of their Careers & the Art of Filmmaking

SAVE $20


220 mins.


Getting Started in Tinseltown - From Hollywood's Best Directors DVD

A fascinating compilation of some of Hollywood's most acclaimed directors, based on extensive interviews with the subjects and the stars who have worked with them. This program looks at how each director got started in the business & asks the question - "just what is a director and what do they do?"



Successful Teamwork In Filmmaking - From Hollywood's Best Directors DVD

This program looks at the art of writing a movie or choosing a script, the care and feeding of actors, how to work successfully with each actor, why your cinematographer is your best friend and a look ahead to the future of the industry.



Hollywood's Best Directors Choose Their Best Movies DVD

In their own words, each Director selects one of their most compelling films and reveals intimate details about their most influential work while reviewing specific clips from each film. It includes how famous scenes were staged and shot, how characters were cast and how the directors first reacted to the scripts that became film classics.



Mike Fenton's Actors Workshop

"A must see for anyone that aspires to be an actor!" - Frank Marshall: Director, Producer: Signs, The Sixth Sense, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Mike Fenton, with over 35 years of casting experience and renowned casting director of titles such as The Godfather II, Back to the Future I, II & III, Total Recall, E.T., brings his expertise to the table to cover in depth, topics such as Entertainment Business Primer, Resumes, Headshots, Video Demo Reels, Managers, Agents, Auditions and much more. Includes over 5 ½ hours of valuable advice, questions and answers and some of the most interesting stories ever told about the industry by the ultimate industry insider. Features Of The Program: * How the Business works * Resumes * Headshots * Video Demo Reels * Managers * Agents * Cold Readings * Showcases & Generals * Auditioning Techniques * Scene Work with Auditioning Actors *

51/2 Hours.


Acting In Film By Michael Caine

"Witty, articulate and always entertaining, Michael Caine takes the nuts and bolts of film acting to pieces and give away more trade secrets in the process than you thought existed." - The London Sunday Times "Caine knows so much, not just about acting, but about the whole business of filmmaking. You'll be laughing, absorbed and enchanted." - The Daily Mail. "Caine demonstrates how sheer technique can mutate into something meaningful and moving." - The Observer

Academy Award winning actor Michael Caine, internationally acclaimed for his talented performances in movies for over twenty-five years, shares his personal insights into the art and science of film acting. Mr. Caine gives you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rob him blind! The man who's hypnotized the camera lenses for a quarter of a century reveals the most closely guarded secrets on script preparation. working with the director, forming a character, voice, sound, and movement. Pearl by pearl he lays out the Caine wisdom on everything from set politics to set decorum, the film bureaucracy and more!

60 min.

$ 59.95

$ 59.95

Speaking of Creativity: How To Be Creative

How To Be Creative - As Told by the Creators. Hosted by Stacey Stone. Nine extraordinary individuals who have excelled in their fields reveal the secrets of their Creativity. This program teaches how sensory awareness affects the creative process, what creativity feels like and recurring themes - personal and professional. FEATURING: Joel Asher, Dori Atlantis, Richard Bruland, Fu-Ding Cheng, Gordon Hunt, Jon Lawrence Rivera, Maria Royce, Mimi Seton, Stacey Stone & Charlayne Woodard.

48 min.

$ 69.95

Acting In Film By Michael Caine

"Witty, articulate and always entertaining, Michael Caine takes the nuts and bolts of film acting to pieces and give away more trade secrets in the process than you thought existed." - The London Sunday Times "Caine knows so much, not just about acting, but about the whole business of filmmaking. You'll be laughing, absorbed and enchanted." - The Daily Mail. "Caine demonstrates how sheer technique can mutate into something meaningful and moving." - The Observer

Academy Award winning actor Michael Caine, internationally acclaimed for his talented performances in movies for over twenty-five years, shares his personal insights into the art and science of film acting. Mr. Caine gives you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rob him blind! The man who's hypnotized the camera lenses for a quarter of a century reveals the most closely guarded secrets on script preparation. working with the director, forming a character, voice, sound, and movement. Pearl by pearl he lays out the Caine wisdom on everything from set politics to set decorum, the film bureaucracy and more!

60 min.

$ 59.95

A Voice Of Your Own By Patsy Rodenburg

"Patsy Rodenburg engages the heart, the mind and the body." - Richard Eyre

An instructional program that teaches you how to balance the body, free and warm up your voice, center the body, develop a greater range, get rid of tension, keep the voice healthy, develop efficient breathing, speak so that people want to listen and support your voice.

60 min.

$ 59.95

Acting In Restoration Comedy By Simon Callow

"Taking scenes from The Relapse by Sir John Vanbrugh as the text, Callow directs a workshop of young actors and subjects them to his own rigorous and scrupulous appraisal." - Radio Times, London

Callow, one of Britain's foremost actors, shows the way to attain clarity and hilarity in some of the most delightful roles ever conceived for the theater. With the text as his inspiration, he shapes an actor's sensibility, coaching a performance that will show full knowledge of the age. A 60-minute workshop directed by Simon Callow, using scenes from The Relapse by Sir John Vanbrugh.

60 min.

$ 59.95

$ 59.95

Acting In High Comedy By Maria Aitken

"A lively session on high comedy, with examples from Coward, Wilde, Sheridan and Cosgreve." - The London Sunday Times

A 60-Minute workshop led by Maria Aitken. Uses examples from Coward, Wilde, Sheridan and Congreve. This program reveals the spark that transforms a routine reading into a vibrant one in a scene from Private Lives, which by the time Aitken has finished with it, it has attained something close to brilliance.

60 min.

$ 59.95

$ 59.95

Acting In Tragedy By Brian Cox

"A rollicking good time - menacing whispers, daggers and blood obviously have their funny side, at least with this fascinated young audience." - Daily Mail "Full of common sense, - in the end, it is we actors who are on the spot-. Scenes that start rehearsal as straightforward Shakespeare babble, assume dramatic shape." - The Times, London

60 min.

$ 59.95

$ 59.95

Acting In Shakespearean Comedy By Janet Suzman

"Totally and incisively in charge, her unscripted preamble is a dramatic lesson in itself; with all the right places to create a dramatic effect you can cut with a knife. Her dissertation on the difference between tragedy and comedy is masterly." - The London Sunday Times

60 min.

$ 59.95

$ 59.95

Acting In Opera By Jonathan Miller

The problem for singers are that opera is difficult enough, let alone as stagecraft. Jonathan Miller takes a comprehensive look at the necessary techniques of acting in opera.

"Through the climactic scene of La Traviata the good doctor clowned, interpreted, gestured and flung his eminently quotable metaphors at us and a performance began miraculously to take shape. Miller cajoled, joked, visibly eased tensions between contending forces, provided props, explained nuances and by the end, drama had emerged from opera. MAGIC, UNDERPINNED BY A GREAT DEAL OF HARD WORK." - The Listener

60 min.

$ 59.95

In Your Face: The Process Of Becoming An Actor Audio CD Actors Workshop

with Speaker - Teacher - Writer - Director - Producer - David A. Adams. "The most powerful presentation of what it takes to be an actor." - Movie Times.

A one hour workshop teaching the beginning concepts and the developmental stages of what it takes to become an actor. This program features the difference in film and stage, what is acting, where does it start, focus, attitude, POV, tools for acting, emotions, turning points, acting is instinctive, real or unreal, the world of imagination, agents and casting. What Actors are Saying: "The best experience of my life." "You gave me the skills to become a better actor."

Comes complete with detailed scene study work book.

60 min.

$ 39.95

Shurtleff On Acting

An unforgettable hour with the famous casting director, author and teacher. He helped launch the careers of Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford, Lily Tomlin, Dustin Hoffman, Bette Midler and many others.

"Shurtleff On Acting" is a lively documentary on the life and teaching of the remarkable Michael Shurtleff. Join Michael Shurtleff for a dynamic series of acting workshops. Michael shows how to find the core of each scene and teaches how to take the emotional risks along the way. The workshop scenes are complemented by remarkable interviews with Gene Hackman, Elliot Gould and others, unfolding the story of Michael's work with the many of the luminaries of the American stage and screen.

When Streisand, Redford, Tomlin, Midler and Hoffman got their first breaks, Michael Shurtleff was there. When he published his classic book on acting, "Audition" it sold over two million copies. Educated at the Yale School of Drama, Michael Shurtleff virtually invented the position of casting director on Broadway. A casting director of David Merrick, Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Peter Brook and others, he has cast over 60 hit shows including, Ethel Merman's "Gypsy," "I Can Get It For You Wholesale," "Irma La Douce," "Pippin," "Beckett," "The Lion In Winter," "The Odd Couple" and "Jesus Christ Superstar." He has also cast many films including, "The Graduate" and "The Sound Of Music."

60 min.

$ 149.00
$ 159.00

Directors On Acting With Joel Asher

Features: Jane Anderson, Writer/Director The Baby Dance, If These Walls Can Talk. Arthur Hiller, Feature Film Director, Past President: D.G.A. Gordon Hunt, Mad About You, Frazier voice-overs. Jeremy Kagan, Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal. Asaad Kelada, Dharma & Greg, Everybody Loves Raymond.

The relationship between Actor and Director is crucial. When it works "Magic" can happen on the screen. When it doesn't, careers can be ruined. This program presents five prominent film and television directors who explain how this collaboration works.

Program Highlights: How Actors and Directors help each other. What to do on the set. Preparation. Improvisation. Comedy vs.Drama. The Secret of the Stars. Camera Technique. Training.

60 min. min.

$ 59.95

Acting One, Day One

With Robert Cohen

Best Selling theater textbook author Robert Cohen describes and illustrates his hour basic principles of acting. He employs a simple exercise in which students first recite the American Pledge of Allegiance, the learn to act this text as part of a dramatic situation. These four points ( Goal, Other People, Tactics, Expectations ) are an essential starting point for the study of all acting methods and styles.

35 min.
$ 99.00

$ 79.00

On The Director

Ronald Neame began his career at the end of the silent era. He teamed with David Lean to make "Great Expectations" and "Oliver Twist" and directed Alec Guinness in such classics as "Times of Glory." His extensive experiences not only as a producer and director but also as a writer and cameraman allow him to speak with unique authority about the complex chemistry within a filmmaking team.

105 min.

$ 119.00
$ 119.00

What'S The Score? Text Analysis For The Actor

Five Stars - Excellent! "Recommended for every library collection supporting a college, university or professional school theater curriculum." - Video Rating Guide For Libraries

In the first section of this fascinating video, Dr. Arthur Wagner (creator of The Graduate acting programs at Tulane, Ohio, Temple and UC San Diego) presents a practical system for text analysis. Each action of a script is examined in terms of immediate and overall objectives and then related to personal experience. The second section presents a powerful methodology for examining character dynamics and interactions, based on the models of transactional analysis. Wagner illustrates his presentation with characters and scenes from A Streetcar Named Desire and other well-known plays. What's The Score? Condenses a whole theory of character and relationships into a concentrated 85 minute presentation. It is valuable not only for actors but for directors and writers as well.

85 min.

$ 148.00
$ 148.00

Voice Workout For The Actor

Four Stars-Highly Recommended. - Video Rating Guide For Libraries "An excellent 30 minute whole-body workout. Unlike exercise tapes, this program is appropriately low-key and relaxing, since it is meant to prepare - not tire - the actor for performance." - Stage Directions

Voice expert Susan Leigh provides the actor with a complete voice and body warm-up. The sequence includes full-body relaxation and stretching, followed by exercises for pitch and resonance, clarity, dynamic vocal control and tongue twisters. This popular program can be used in a group setting or by the individual and serves as an effective preparation for classes, rehearsals and performance. Use three to four times per week for maximum effectiveness.

33 min.

$ 79.00
$ 99.00

Advanced Workout For The Actor

Develop improved breathing and vocal projection in this excellent follow up to Voice Workout for The Actor.

In this sequel to the popular Voice Workout for the Actor, Susan Leigh focuses on the mechanics of breathing and vocal projection. Beginning with a remarkably effective relaxation sequence, Susan leads the viewer through a series of simple stretching, Yoga and rib awareness exercises, leading gradually up to a controlled vocal production. This tape can be used by the beginning actor to develop breath and projection skills or by the experienced actor as a fresh approach to solving old problems.

40 min.

$ 79.00
$ 79.00

Blocking A Scene: Basic Staging With Actors

Five Stars! Blocking A Scene is highly recommended for all academic dramatic arts collections and theatrical or performing arts organization libraries." - Video Rating Guide For Libraries.

Michael Joyce and two student directors demonstrate the basic steps in blocking a scene. They begin with script analysis, dividing the scene into working units, while providing practical tips for laying out and developing a floor plan. Each student director tackles the same scene but with a different approach while Joyce analyzes the blocking process and discusses alternatives. The work demonstrated in this video is based on a scene from Shaw's Candida.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS An excellent production, blending lecture and lab components with energy and style. Includes stage directions.

70 min.

$ 148.00
$ 119.00

Creative Drama & Improvisation

An excellent introduction to the art of improvisation and a welcome addition to all high school and college acting classes, as well as theater groups. - Video Rating Guide For Libraries

Host Rives Collins of Northwest University leads a lively group of students through a dozen theater games and improvisational exercises. Collins emphasizes spontaneous response, visualization and especially divergent thinking. These exercises give invaluable tools for warm up, rehearsal, self-exploration and character development.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS These exercises will give students invaluable tools for warm-up, rehearsal, self-exploration and character development.

110 min.

$ 119.00

$ 119.00

Movement For The Actor

Learn an exciting process for developing a character!

Dawn Mora and her students present a graded series of movement exercises, from stretching and warm ups through various types of dynamic movement keyed to emotion and memory. By the end of the program students learn to "score a text," interpreting character and dialogue entirely though movement. Ideal for movement teachers, work shop leaders and students.

20 min.

$ 119.00
$ 149.00
$ 149.00

The Working Actor: Actors on Acting

How do you keep a fresh scene presence? Where does an actor find the emotional truth required to inhabit a role? What do actors need from a director to assist their own process?

Four seasoned professionals talk about their craft. Their emphasis is on making a character come alive and evoking authentic emotional responses on stage. They also discuss approaches to bodily movement, research, work with the scripts, rehearsal techniques and modes of actor / director communication.

27 min.

$ 149.00
$ 149.00

The Working Actor: Teachers on Acting

"How do you assist natural talent to full expression?" "What is getting to the heart of acting all about?" "How is the power of live performance moved into film and television?" Three prominent teachers discuss these issues as you view scenes from their acting workshops with emphasis on specific improvisational techniques and the building of a character step-by-step.

21 min.

$ 149.00
$ 149.00

A Creative Partnership: The Actor & Director

Educare Award For Educational Films, Open Award For Excellence.

This program traces a segment of a feature film from the early stages of casting through auditions, screen tests, character development, rehearsal process and the shoot. The focus is on the development of the actor/director relationship through the various stages of production. The dual narration by director and actors provides valuable insights for people working on both sides of the camera.

37 min.

$ 149.00

$ 149.00

Getting The Part With Joel Asher

An extremely valuable tool for all actors. -Asaad Kelada, Director, Designing Women, Night Court and Family Ties.

World-renowned acting coach Joel Asher shows you how to focus the power of the imagination, breakdown scenes and read with non-actors. You'll see actors in the class "audition" in six different scenes and watch as Joel's coaching remarkably transform their performances.

50 min.


Building A Character

Truthful and realistic character development is the overall theme of this insightful video. R. Scott Lank, Acting Professor at the University of Evansville, guides a group of acting students though the process of character development by examining the following elements: character analysis, physical work, vocal work, emotional work, combining all the elements and rehearsal guidelines.

86 min.

$ 119.00
$ 149.00
$ 149.00

The Directing Process

Dale McFadden, a winner of Chicago's "Jefferson Award" shows how to select, organize and direct a theatrical production successfully. Features the history of directing, working with designers, how to select a play, the principles of staging, text analysis, blocking and picturization, successful collaboration and rehearsing the play. This program is not only helpful to theater students but is also a tremendous asset to first time directors.

90 min.

$ 119.00

Agents Tell It Like It Is With Joel Asher

What you need to know to get the right agent!

Award winning director and distinguished acting coach Joel Asher interviews top commercial film and TV agents who candidly reveal what every actor should know. Subjects covered include: what agents look for in actors, which actors get signed, what should actors look for in agents and what makes a good agent.

50 min.

$ 59.95

Casting Directors Tell It Like It Is With Joel Asher

Everything you need to audition with confidence!

What are casting directors looking for? Joel Asher, award winning director and distinguished acting coach interviews Hollywood casting directors to find out. Featuring Fern Champion, C.S.A. (Network, Naked Gun, Saturday Night Fever) Danny Goldman, (National/Regional Commercials) Lindsey Chag, (Robin Hood-Men in Tights, Anything But Love) Joey Paul, C.S.A (Adam 12, FBI: The Untold Stories, Great Detectives)

40 min.

$ 59.95

Starting Your Film Career: The Essentials

This teaching series is designed to give the actor the basics forstarting a film acting career from the standpoint of the casting director, (CD), the person who selects the actors for the audition; the talent agent, the person who promotes you and negotiates your contracts and the actor/coach, the instructor and fellow actor. "The professionalims of these tapes shows up in there incomparable information and in the details. The programs deliver winning information to those aspiring to the heights of the entertainment industry." - Reel Carolina.

This program covers the essentials for getting started as an actor. Subjects covered include, what to look for in an actor, headshot, resume, demo reel, training, agent / client, starting out and the screen actors guild.

Introduced by Frank Capra Jr. - President EUE Screengems Studios, Ltd.

55 min.

$ 99.00

Starting Your Film Career: Getting Roles

This program covers the process of getting film acting roles. Subjects covered include, contact CD, audition, in character, how to negotiate, contract / safety, deal memo, do's and don'ts, reporting in, roles for women and promoting yourself.

Introduced by Frank Capra Jr. - President EUE Screengems Studios, Ltd.

60 min.

$ 99.00

The Drama Teacher's Companion CDROM

A collection of lesson plans, scripts and warm-ups for secondary drama teachers.

This text was written, not to teach people to teach, but rather to give teachers materials to make their teaching easier and to save them preparation time. Includes lesson plans, games, scripts and other materials designed for secondary drama students. The material is written in Adobe Acrobat and can be printed the way they are, or it can be copied and pasted into a word processor and edited.

$ 39.00

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