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Adobe Learning Premiere 6.5 Tutorial CDROM

Learn Premiere 6.5 & DVD Authoring with DVDit!

The following tutorials will help students master ADOBE Premiere 6.5 and teach you how to make DVD's from your edited productions. Includes nine comprehensive, easy-to-follow lessons on one CD-ROM and all the video clips, audio clips and images your need to master the tutorials.

Program Highlights include: System Considerations, Installing Premiere, Quick Start Editing, Editing to Music, Special Effects, Managing Large Projects, Razzle Dazzle, Editing Techniques & Making a DVD.

$ 99.95

ADOBE 5.1. Video Editing Made Easy

Jam packed with valuable information, this video is the way to get a head start in the field of non-linear editing. If you're a current Premiere user, this video will be an invaluable asset to keep you fresh or to train others.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Includes: system connections & set up, quick tour of an Adobe, Premiere project, editing in the construction window, editing transitions & special effects, editing titles & graphics, slow & fast motion, using filters, editing audio, outputting to videotape and motion graphics.

150 min.

$ 69.95

ADOBE Premiere 5.1 Instructional CD-Rom

"Great Work! These are among the best materials I have ever seen for learning Premiere." Highly Recommended. - John Salle "The Premiere 5.1 CD is much easier than trying to read the manual. It has been easy and painless and the program absolutely astounds me with what it can do." - Carolyn Brooks.

This new CD-ROM provides you with 7 practical editing tutorials using QuickTime clips which will provide users with an excellent working knowledge of ADOBE Premiere's 5.1 software.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Placing clips on tracks, scaling the time line and saving projects. Synching sound to video & creating a finished production. Applying filters to clips. Managing clips in bins & libraries. Creating virtual Clips. Ripple & rolling edits, Slip & slide edits, creating, scrolling & crawling titles.

$ 99.00

ADOBE Premiere 6.0 Tutorial CD-Rom

Learning Premiere 6.0 has never been easier! The following tutorial will help you master Adobe Premiere 6.0 in the shortest possible time. It includes 8 comprehensive, easy-to-follow lessons including all the video clips, audio clips and images you'll need to do the tutorials.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: System considerations, Quick start editing, Editing to music, Special effects, Managing large projects, Razzle-dazzle, Video titling & Editing technique.

$ 99.00

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