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The Advertising and The TV Commercial Series

This series of five training videos examines how television commercials are made and who the affect. Each video is accompanied by comprehensive study notes.

Advertising the Hidden Language

Dr. Philip Bell of the National Academy of Advertising shows how successful ads implicate the viewer in the completion of fantasy narratives.

50 min.
$ 49.95
$ 59.95

The Making Of The MMM Commercial

The first TV commercial for new FM radio station 'MMM' is historically one of the most interesting and technically brilliant pieces of visual advertising ever seen. Here viewers are introduced to the technical elements of concept development, complex animation, special visual effects and light manipulation, together with a shot-by-shot explanation of how the commercial was made.

40 min.
$ 89.95
$ 99.00

The NIKE TV Commercial

Every aspect of a NIKE ad is dissected to reveal the extraordinary path of the making of a TV commercial. Here the creative director of the advertising agency explains the thinking behind the commercial. He outlines their original brief and analyses the strategy they used to achieve the effect they wanted. This is followed by an explanation of the production of the commercial itself.

33 min.
$ 89.95
$ 99.00

The Role Of The Advertising Agency

This program features Australian-owned advertising agency Box Emery & Partners, offering a privileged look at the way an agency works and how it produces the materials that will promote the products and services of its clients.

25 min.
$ 89.85
$ 99.00

The Role Of The Research In Advertising

This program looks at the role of research into public attitudes to advertisements and how the results of this research can affect both the sales of the product and the ways in which the product is advertised. It includes a lively debate which illustrates the ongoing and emotive conflict between the creative process and the requirements of researchers and clients.

36 min.
$ 89.95
$ 99.00

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