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The Beginnners Guide To Animation : Sculpting Characters With Clay

A great video for student animators and craft makers of all ages. Hollywood clay animator Mark Sawicki shares his secrets and techniques for sculpting characters with clay. Mark Sawicki's clay animation has been used in Batman and Robin and The Muppet Babies TV Show." He was Co-effects supervisor for Area 51 on Tom Hanks From The Earth To The Moon. His feature film camera credits include, The Birdcage, Star Trek-First Contact and Batman Forever. Polymer clay is a relatively new plastic clay that can be permanently hardened in a home oven at approximately 275 degrees for 20 30 minutes. This program describes the properties of polymer clay, the tools used to sculpt, bake and paint the material and illustrates the basic forms that you can make out of clay that provide the basis for any sculpture. Step One: Posture The first creation is a cartoon boxing glove. The viewer builds on this experience to make a cartoon hand and arm with clothing. The fundamentals of posture are discussed along with its effectiveness in conveying meaning. Step Two: Anatomy Students are shown how comic book artists suggest form with drawing and how the sculptor can build upon two-dimensional work as an aid in creating three-dimensional figures. Step Three: Creation of Character A cartoon face refrigerator magnet is created step-by-step showing how feeling and character are generated through the use of careful positioning, size and texture of basic clay forms. Painting techniques are shown to create the illusion of toned skin, highlights in the eyes and added character in the face.

Program comes with detailed study guide.

48 min.

$ 79.95
$ 79.95

How To Create And Animate A Clay Puppet with stop motion pro

This excellent program is an enjoyable primer for novice animators the world over.

Clay animator Mark Sawicki examines the fundamental design concepts of the animation armature and builds an inexpensive puppet skeleton based on his character design. The proportions of the figure are sketched out to illustrate the planning and design phase. After the skeleton is created the different types and uses of polymer clay are discussed. Basic color theory is outlined as primary colors of clay are blended together for the figure. The puppet is then sculpted over the armature starting with the flexible appendages and eyes (which are baked). Mark then moves on to sculpt the expressive face and finally the body which are kept pliable for animation. A consumer digital camera is described and its software set up is demonstrated in preparation for clay animation using the computer and digital camera as a recording device. The program culminates in a demonstration of how the animator uses mathematics to "time out" the action and shows how the figure is manipulated for each frame of a cycle.

Program comes with detailed study guide.

48 min.

$ 79.95
$ 79.95

Stop Motion Animation DVD with stop motion pro

Excellent for Students & Novice Animation. Clay animator Mark Sawicki examines the fundamental principles of animation by demonstrating the persistence of vision phenomenon by way of the Thoumatrope, Zoetrope and Flip Book. Students are then introduced to the history of motion picture technology and the evolution of frame rates in film and video and the concept of resolution in film formats and digital files. Specific demonstrations show how to plan out and time the animation of a toy truck and also demonstrates how to plot animation curves in order to achieve smooth animation.

33 min.

$ 79.95

Ray Harryhausen: The Master of Animation

Stopmotion animator and filmmaker Ray Harryhausen’s achievements and influence are incalculable. Numerous giants in the world of cinema have cited his work, especially in “The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad” (1958) as the most profound reason that they attempted a career in films. This program reflects on his pioneering career and the future of animation. Loaded with rare stills from throughout his many films and those of his key influence, Willis O’Brien (King Kong).

19 min.


$ 99.00

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