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Your Sound Series - The Art of Mixing Live Entertainment

The ultimate teaching tool and must-have for schools, theatres, studios, beginning technicians & production houses. The series provides the best Tips, Techniques & Strategies for both Concert & Theatrical Sound to help hone your skills and become a Pro

2010 New Products Awards Winner!

A comprehensive instructional course teaching "live sound" made easy. This series is a complete teaching tool and "must have" for students, instructors, theatres, beginner technicians and production houses which teaches the fundamentals of live sound and highlights the components of a sound system. From microphones to console amplifiers and speakers, this series will give you the best tips and strategies for both concert and theatrical sound and help hone your skills into a pro.

Instructor Dave West teaches how to be creative and enjoy the art of mixing live entertainment. With his instantly applicable techniques, easy to understand analogies and hands-on demonstrations, you'll learn how to solve common sound problems with ease.

Dave West has over 25 years of experience in the business of live entertainment. He has worked with international touring dance and theatrical companies as well as some of the largest names in music. Throughout the years West has developed a grass roots approach to his teaching techniques which he presents to students, to help improve their sound.

SAVE $70! Get the 5 DVD Your Sound Set for ONLY $425.00 FSOUND5 $425.00

5 DVD Set
$ 425.00

Mixing, Gain Structure & Phase Reversal

Subjects Covered Include:

• Introduction
• Fundamentals
• Mixing Console
• Gain Structure
• Phase Reversal

20 min.

$ 99.00

Equalizers, Frequency & Processing

Subjects Covered Include:

• Equalizers
• Find the Freqs
• Auz Lines
• Dynamic Processing
• Effect Processing

23 min.

$ 99.00

Speakers, Adapters & Trouble Shooting

Subjects Covered Include:

• Crossovers
• Speaker and Amplifiers
• Connectors and Cables
• Adapter
• Patching
• Trouble Shooting

16 min.

$ 99.00

Microphones, Micing & Sound Check

Subjects Covered Include:

• Microphones
• Input List of Stage Plots
• Micing Up the Stage
• Sound Check

22 min.

$ 99.00

Theatre Sound & System

Subjects Covered Include:

• Theatre Sound
• System Design
• Readable Materials
• Farwell

20 min.

$ 99.00

The Art Of Mixing DVD

A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering & Production. David Gibson's hugely popular The Art of Mixing, the book that has taught a generation of mixing engineers, comes to life with over 3-1/2 hours of vivid, animated instruction on one feature-packed DVD! With Gibson's exclusive three-dimensional framework, you'll learn the right way to create every style of mix for any style of music. Topics covered include: descriptions and visuals of the functions of each piece of studio equipment involved in mixing . specific concepts behind making a mix that is appropriate for the music and the song . correlations between audio parameters and the visual parameters of the "virtual mixer" . and much more!

3 1/2 Hours

$ 79.95

Live Sound Reinforcement DVD

A Comprehensive Guide to P.A. & Music Reinforcement Systems & Technology. Based on the bestselling MixBooks title, the Live Sound Reinforcement deluxe DVD is for anyone serious about operating professional sound reinforcement equipment - whether you run sound for a rock band, mix acoustic performers in a small club or want to understand the best way to set up the PA in your house of worship. This nearly 3-hour DVD guides you through the ins and outs of components, setups, mixing and troubleshooting, plus fundamental principles and concepts. You'll see hands-on demos, tips and techniques used in real live sound situations, both indoors and on outdoor stages, and learn tricks from experienced experts. With excellent production quality and detailed graphics, this is the finest DVD ever produced on the subject.

166 min.

$ 79.95

The Shaping Your Sound Series

"Shaping Your Sound can do what no book on the subject has ever been able to accomplish." - Mix Magazine. Hosted by engineer, producer and master teacher, Tom Lubin, "Shaping Your Sound" is the acclaimed series of programs designed to teach professional recording techniques to engineers, video production personnel, musicians and home recordists. Dozens of demonstrations, animated sequences and live music examples in HiFi stero make each tape a powerful learning and reference tool.

Shaping Your Sound With Microphones

Tom Lubin shows you the various types of microphones and demonstrates how the variables of size, mass and pickup pattern effect a microphones sound. Learn how to develop a feel for choosing the right microphone in any situation plus strategies for miking drums, guitars, horn and string ensembles, pianos and vocals. Comes with detailed teachers guide.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Dozens of demonstrations, animated sequences and live music examples in HiFi stereo make each tape a powerful learning and reference tool.

84 min.
$ 99.00

Shaping Your Sound With Equalizers

Tom Lubin shows how to use EQ to make room for each instrument texture. Animated graphics introduce you to the various types of EQ curves and devices, while step-by-step demonstrations show you how to set up ED for any instrument. Learn how to use compressors and gates to shape the dynamics of any instrument by emphasizing or diminishing the attack, sustain or release of each note. Comes with detailed teachers guide.

83 min.
$ 99.00

Shaping Your Sound With Reverb & Delay

Digital delays can add echo, create delays and produce the effects of phasing, flanging and chorusing. A digital reverb can literally shape the space where your sound happens - move the walls and change there texture, turn your studio into a cavern or cathedral. Tom Lubin demonstrates the behavior of sound in a variety of real environments including a selection of before and after demonstrations which let you see and hear the shaping of pre-delay, delay time, early reflections, diffusion, along with the traditional components of customized reverb and delay effects. Comes with detailed teachers guide.

83 min.
$ 99.00

Shaping Your Sound With Mixers & Mixing

Sit behind the console with Tom Lubin as he takes you through every step of a 16 track mix, from the first rough mixes through shaping and blending each instrument using ED, reverb, delay, panning and dynamics. Learn how to get maximum flexibility form your console and how to read block diagrams to choose the best route though your board. Comes with detailed teachers guide.

84 min.
$ 99.00

Shaping Your Sound With Multitrack Recording

Tom Lubin takes you through a complete 8-track recording session, including pre-production, session planning and preparation, the basic session and the overdubbing process. Learn how to get the cleanest possible sound from your recorder, strategies for bouncing tracks and techniques for sculpting sound with precision erasure, editing and speed shifting. Comes with detailed teachers guide.

65 min.
$ 99.00

The Shaping Your Sound Series Of 5 Tapes

The 5 tape Set Series

315 min.
$ 329.00

Studio Seconds: An Assistant Sound Engineer's Handbook

Master engineer Tom Lubin takes us through the recording studio with a detailed account of the equipment and procedures in a modern studio. "Studio Seconds" covers the basic principles and golden rules that beginners need to know, then describes the advanced techniques that create an audio professional. It looks at the working relationship with the studio client, how teamwork helps the studio run and gives helpful hints and tricks of the trade that make recording sessions run smoothly.

153 pages

$ 29.95

Shaping Your Sound: Microphones, Mixers & Analog DVD

Hosted by world-renowned educator, producer and engineer Tom Lubin. For more than a decade this classic video course has taught professional recording techniques to thousands of musicians, students, engineers and producers. Now, the five tape Shape Your Sound series has been remastered and released on two DVDs!

This volume demystifies and explains the secrets of expert audio recording in an easy-to-understand manner so you can immediately get the most out of your recording setup. In this DVD, you'll sit in on a complex mixing session and see the advantages of various studio microphone types. Also learn the ins and outs of analog multi-track recording, the format still preferred by the pros. This DVD will give you the skills you need to make good recordings sound great.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Dozens of demonstrations, animated sequences and live music examples in HiFi stereo make each tape a powerful learning and reference tool.

180 min.
$ 99.00

Shaping Your Sound: Reverb, Relay, Equalizers, Gates DVD

This volume demystifies and explains the secrets of expert signal processing in an easy-to-understand manner so you can immediately get the most out of your recording setup. Learn how to us EQ to open up the sound of recordings, understand how to use compressors to alter the dynamics of any instrument and see dozens of demonstrations showing you exactly how to get the most out of reverb and delay effects.

180 min.
$ 99.00

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