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Sports Reporting for Television & Radio

Take students into the Broadcast Booth, Production Trailer & on the field, for a realistic, close-up look at the work done by reporters, play-by-play announcers, sports anchors & sports broadcast producers

This program is designed for students who want careers in sports announcing, sports journalism or for those who want to work as a Media Relations specialist for a college or professional team.

Students go into broadcast booths and newsrooms for an inside look at what it takes to begin a career as a play-by-play announcer, color commentator, or sports journalist. Students will learn from broadcast veterans who are announcers for major league, professional teams as they share their valuable insights and experience.

Working for a Pro Team: Imagine a sportscast without athlete and coach interviews. Access to the athletes and coaches is a central part of any sports broadcast. Who provides the broadcasters and journalists all the statistics and access to the athletes? It is part of the work done by the Media Relations specialists for professional teams. Learn how to get one of these coveted jobs from Abby Tomlin, a Media Relations Specialist with the Texas Rangers. Abby talks about her duties on game day and the skills needed to work for a pro team.

Baseball Play-By-Play: Go behind the microphone and into the broadcast booth for the Oakland A's radio network. Veteran announcer Ken Korach gives students a glimpse at what it's like to stay on top of the action for the radio audience. Ken provides important tips for any student who wants a career as a play-by-play announcer and discusses the importance of versatility, a good vocabulary and strong work ethic.

Spanish Baseball Play-By-Play En Espanol: Veteran play-by-play announcer Amaury Pi Gonzalez has seen first hand the dramatic growth in Spanish language sports broadcasting. The overwhelming majority of pro teams in major sports leagues have a Spanish language broadcast. The Spanish language newscast is the highest rated in some television and radio media markets. Amaury discusses the importance of developing or strengthening Spanish and other language skills. With one-third of MLB players from Latin America and a growing NBA presence of European players, it is more important than ever for sports journalists to have at least an understanding of multiple cultures and languages.

One Man Band Reporter: Follow sports journalist Eric Hodge as he reports on a story for the evening sportscast. Eric is a "one-man band"; he reports, shoots, edits and writes his reports every day. The one-man band is a staple of small market electronic media and is increasingly being seen in larger television markets. Learn the "ins & outs" from Eric as he makes his way towards the evening deadline & delivers his finished package.

How to Get Hired-Tips from the News Director: Watch as Trisha Coder, a News Director from an entry-level television station evaluates video resume clips from several hundred applicants. Trisha provides valuable tips on what will make your video stand out from the rest. This section is essential for students who are producing the "all important" resume video.

Marty Gonzalez Marty Gonzalez is weekend anchor of "The KRON 4 Morning News." In addition to his work at KRON 4, Gonzalez is a Professor in the Broadcast and Electronic Communications Arts department at San Francisco State University.

30 min.



$ 99.00

The Business Of TV News - An Inside Look

Valuable For Students Ready to Enter TV Broadcasting

This series takes you beyond the text book, beyond the classroom and directly Behind the Scenes of TV news, revealing not just the triumphs of news reporting but the failures and problems too. Learn from broadcast veterans with over 300 years of cumulative experience who tell students just what it takes to succeed and what the future holds for careers in TV. The series is designed for those who want to be in the field of TV reporting and features interviews from first time reporters, discussing what the job entails and what to expect at your first station.  The purpose of this series is not to teach students how to be on television but to be in television.

Each program features interviews, film clips, anecdotes & industry tips for students of broadcasting.

Available as individual programs. Teaching modules and sets are discounted.

The Story

Follow two stories from assignment to air showing the contrast between the rookie and the veteran - First year reporter Robert Hughes (KWST, Yuma, AZ) and KGTV San Diego’s Sal Rivera, a 20 year veteran.  Watch carefully how the rookie and the veteran turn their story assignment into a broadcast package but more important listen to what each reporter and their photojournalist have to say about this business called TV News.
45 min                                    F2655DVD                            $89.95

$ 89.95.00

The Bosses

Meet the Bosses - Bill Lord, WJLA Washington DC, Steve Cohen, News Director KUSI San Diego, Christine Miceli Exec Producer-KTLA Los Angeles, John Coleman Weatherman KUSI San Diego (55 years in business- created the Weather Channel) Andrew Wyatt GM, KWST Yuma, AZ. Shannon Maze ND KWST Yuma, AZ and David Plummer VanderPloeg News Operations Manager, KUSI San Diego.
These are the veterans, the bosses, the suits.  They have done it all and are about to give you their take on TV news today and its future, what they look for in a prospective candidate and what they expect. Take notes because what you’re about to hear is priceless about making interesting, compelling news.
45 min                                    F2656DVD                            $89.95

$ 89.95

Making It -The Rookie and the Veteran

With Frank Buckley KTLA Los Angeles Anchor and Cambi Brown first year reporter KWST, Yuma AZ.  Move away from home to a small market station being paid little to nothing, move up from that first tiny station to become a CNN correspondent or become a reporter and anchor in the number 2 market in the country.  First year reporter Cambi Brown shares her story of tears, frustration and triumph and in Los Angeles KTLA’s Frank Buckley, tells his story of how he rose to the top. 
45 min                                    F2657DVD                            $89.95

$ 89.95

Covering the Big Story

Kevin Reece Reporter KHOU CBS Houston Texas is interviewed on location at the site of Hurricane Ike.  It could be an earthquake, a tornado, a plane crash or possibly a hurricane…. at some point in your career the big story is going to break and you better be prepared to tell it …..and tell it well. Reporter Kevin explains his approach to the Big Story and how he prepares and delivers.
45 min                                    F2658DVD                            $89.95


The Contract

The all important contract with famed broadcast attorney Bob Teaf and Small Market News Director Shannon Maze KWST Yuma, AZ.
After years of education, internships and sending out hundreds of demo tapes, you get your first job offer. It’s very exciting, but with that job offer comes a contract, likely asking for many years of your career life.  Like buying a new car you may soon experience buyer’s remorse.  In this segment Bob Teaf and Shannon Maze review typical contract points and give you invaluable advice.
45 min                                    F2659DVD                            $89.95


The Legend tells his Story

Stan Chambers - KTLA - 61 year news reporter veteran.
Believe it or not there was a time when TV News had no established formats, no set rules on how to cover a story, no tried and true formulas.  Live reporting was unheard of until this reporter came on the scene in 1947 and changed the face of TV news forever. This is the story of Stan Chambers, America’s pioneer of TV News and why you need to learn from this amazing individual.
45 min                                    F2660DVD                            $89.95


Sports Broadcasting

Sports broadcasting revealed with KUSI’s Sports Director Paul Rudy.
The TV newscast can be nothing but crime, fires and robberies until we get to the fun and opinionated portion of the news – Sports.  In this segment we catch up with one of the best in the field - Paul Rudy, with a look at his life and how he does what he does each and every night to excite viewers in the TV sports world. Learn from a real pro!
45 min                                    F2661DVD                            $89.95


Editing TV News

Editing TV News - Joshua Sheehan Chief Editor, XETV San Diego, Austin Hill 2nd year news editor, XETV, and Andy Neil, former Chief Editor XETV, now Hollywood Editor.  The smiling anchors, made up and poised are ready to introduce today’s news, but nothing gets on the air until the stations storytellers have done their job - the editors, the gatekeepers of TV News. In this segment we learn how the unseen creative brains behind the news, Joshua Sheehan, Andy Neil and Austin Hill, create compelling and watchable stories.
45 min                                    F2662DVD                            $89.95



(The Bosses & The Legend)

SAVE $10 2 DVD SET:   $169.90



THE CREATIVE 5 DVD SET (1,3,4,7,8)

(The Story, Making It, The Big Story, Sports Broadcasting, Editing TV News)

SAVE $30 5 DVD SET:   $419.75  




SAVE $80 8 DVD SET:  $639.60  



VR-Reporter CD ROM for Macintosh (Unlimited License)

$ 349.00

VR-Reporter CD ROM PC (Unlimited License)

$ 349.00

Crisis On Campus

Crisis On Campus is an exciting new editing exercise from the producers of "The Hold Up." It is specifically designed for broadcast journalism students, but will be useful for all students of editing technique.

This realistic simulation of a major breaking news story is played out by the students, faculty and staff of the University of New Orleans, SWAT Team and professional crews from two local TV stations. The core of "Crisis on Campus" is 40 minutes of rushes, available in VHS or 3/4" which students can use to edit their own version of the story. The footage includes complete coverage by the two news teams, aerial footage from the helicopter and "shaky-cam" coverage from the home video camera. Interviews include the University Chancellor, the Director of Campus Police, the SWAT Team coordinator and Public Information Officer, friends and relatives of the perpetrator and the hostages and students caught in the crossfire. Voice-over and stand-ups by reporter Noel Osigian are also provided. To make the exercise most meaningful and realistic, it is recommended that each student editing "Crises on Campus" create and record his or her own story and stand-up's. Editing possibilities are virtually limitless and will depend heavily and realistically on the "time-slot" allotted to the story by the instructor. The "Crises on Campus" package also includes a 12-minute introductory video hosted by former ABC foreign correspondent and anchor Richard Anderson, that presents the basic situation and uses the "Crises on Campus" material to demonstrate the best use of video coverage, sound bites, reaction shots, stand-up's and natural sound.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS The situation is dramatic and compelling. Brilliant but unbalanced physics major Jimmy Jerrold, his body wired with explosives, is holding two hostages on the roof of the University Performing Arts Center. As a helicopter and a SWAT Team with armored personnel carrier converge on the spot, Jerrold panices and opens fire on students in the quad below. Two news teams and a passerby with a home video camera capture the chaos and the tense negotiations that finally lead to Jerrolds' surrender and the safe release of the hostages.

40 min.
$ 149.00
$ 159.00

Crisis On Campus - 3/4"

40 min.
$ 189.00

Speak For Yourself: A Dynamic Workout

Anyone who needs to make a good impression on an audience quickly becomes aware of how important it is to properly warm up before speaking. In this program voice expert Susan Leigh offers an invaluable series of voice and body warm-ups as useful to the businessman addressing a meeting or camera, or to radio hosts and guests, as to actors performing for film, video or theater. "Speak For Yourself" helps build a strong voice, establishes focus and concentration while speaking and greatly expands vocal capacity and skills.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS This program is divided into four series of exercises to be performed along with the video. Segments include relaxation and stretching, face preparation, pitch and resonance exercises and finally a segment using tongue twisters to develop clarity and control. The package includes a written guideline, bone prop and vocal health tips.

25 min.
$ 79.00

Covering The Big Story

Journalists spend most of their time covering local news and routine events - but every now and then they find themselves caught up in the excitement of a Really Big Story.

This program was shot in Los Angeles on the day of the O.J. Simpson trial verdict as reporters, photographers, engineers, editors, producers and bureau chiefs scramble for coverage, negotiator for precious satellite time, struggled with logistics in the middle of a mob scene and tried to find the angle that would give their story the edge. As one photographer comments after emerging form the frenzy of covering an attorney's arrival: "If you get the shot, no-one cares. But if you don't get it, they all care!"

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS This program includes interviews with producers and reporters from ABC News, A Current Affair and Inside Edition as well as local stations from around the country. It offers a look at the mechanics of live stand-ups and remote satellite feeds.

28 min.
$ 149.00

$ 149.00


Get Real, Get Paid: Work For A Newspaper

Telly Awards, Silver Statue.

A fast paced, overview of career opportunities in the newspaper business. News, sports and entertainment reporters reveal what they love about their jobs, the freedom, variety, excitement and the chance to meet all kinds of people. Interviews with a photographer, graphic artist, cartoonist and others highlight that many additional roles involved in producing a paper - from designing and selling ads to running the presses. The advice form these professionals is to be true to your interests. Education and experience are important, but the passion to do the job is what makes you successful.

12 min.
$ 119.00

$ 119.00


A View From Behind The Viewfinder

Spend a day with each of three photojournalist at KPNX Phoenix, from a morning staff meeting to the rush to edit the day's stories for broadcast. Experience the pressures of photojournalist's many roles and witness the teamwork that's vital to getting the story. These photojournalists must hustle while carrying 50 pounds of equipment, use their street smarts and communication skills to conduct interviews and understand the reporter's perspective enough to grab the shots needed to tie the story together.

45 min.
$ 149.00

$ 149.00


Media On Trial: Story of the Storytellers

First Place 1999 Broadcast Education Association Documentary Competition.

This program documents media coverage of the Oklahoma City Bombing Trails. It analyzes many of the media practices that draw intense criticism, including the differences between tabloid and mainstream coverage; impacts of judicial cooperation; reporter objectivity; journalist emotions; sources and spin; victim and jury treatment; the media swarm; legal analysis; competitive pressures; organizational versus individual motivations for styles of coverage; print and broadcast cooperation; coverage ground rules; technology impacts; public and governmental reactions to efforts in improve the media image and more.

56 min.
$ 149.00

$ 149.00


Broadcast Journalism: How Do You Feel?

An enlightening view ideal for classes in reporting, producing and media ethics. The media seem to be obsessed with broadcasting or printing grief, and the question, “how do you feel” is one that all reporters have to ask, but often hate to ask. Because they are the ones assigned to seek the reactions of grieving friends and family members in stories related to victims of tragedy, reporters are often mocked and criticized. This program turns the tables and asks reporters how THEY feel about having to ask "the question".

20 min.
$ 119.00

$ 129.00

Creating an Effective Television Story

Ideal for broadcast news, field production, documentary and corporate/institutional courses. Whether producing audio-visual stories for news, documentary or corporate genres, the process includes targeting an idea, collecting the audio and visual ingredients, understanding how to structure those ingredients, writing a script to maximize audio-visual effectiveness, and finally editing the story into a finished package. This program outlines effective techniques for simplifying each step in the process so that even beginners can instantly understand the difference between good and bad--and quickly turn that understanding into quality storytelling.

20 min.
$ 119.00

$ 129.00

Speak For Yourself: A Dynamic Vocal Workout


$ 79.00

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