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TV Newsroom: News Gathering

"The video is produced specifically for students by Sasha Norkin, Professor at Boston University."

These two companion programs follow a real day of news gathering and production at WHDH, the CBS Boston affiliate. They vividly illustrate the roles performed by dozens of people in shaping an evening newscast.

Follow the interlocking roles performed by the WHDH assignment editor, producers, news directors, reporters, writers and photographers as they shape decisions on what stories to cover and how to cover them.. Investigate, political and medical reporters, a sports producer and the meteorologist all push for time for their breaking stories as the executive producer balances priorities throughout the day.

"Helps students understand more of the TV news process." - Pat Hastings, University of Wisconsin.

12 min.

$ 119.00

$ 119.00


TV Newsroom: Production

"Excellent quality. Very Informative." - Bob Conrad, Orange Coast College.

The director, technical director, floor manager and assistant director work under intense time pressure with tape editors, camera operators, audio mixers and engineers to bring in an evening newscast on time and to length. Experience the creation of graphics, production of a live remote, the use of robot cameras and color keying on the set. Stories are added, changed and dropped during the course of the newscast to meet shifting conditions.

10 min.

$ 119.00

$ 119.00


How To Do A Television News Stand Up

A terrific quick paced primer for reporters on how to do affective, on-camera stand-up's. Greg Luft shares the techniques he's honed over twelve years of reporting and shows dozens of clips from real stories he has covered. Sections covered include camera angles, the setting, personal appearance, motivation using visual elements plus using appropriate "show and tell" techniques to connect the reporter to the story and to the audience, taking advantage of sights and sounds to use TV's full potential. This Program gives students the confidence to develop their own personal reporting style and the courage to surprise, shock or amuse the audience, getting them more involved in the story. It also provides numerous examples of each technique showing you how to enhance the clarity and appeal of any story.

20 min.

$ 149.00

$ 149.00


Techniques of TV Interviewing

Respected television journalist Mike Minehan highlights the ingredients of a dynamic and successful television interview, using well chosen excerpts that include examples of great technique, as well as, of the pitfalls that await the unwary interviewer. This program is full of role models and cautionary tales. One classic excerpt, in which Margaret Thatcher turns the tables on an ill-prepared journalist, is worth the price of admission all by itself!

20 min.

$ 149.00

$ 149.00


TV Current Affairs Reporting

The executive producers of four major Australian current affairs programs discuss their approach to television current affairs reporting, their views of the qualities important in a good reporter, and what makes an exciting television story. The program emphasizes the importance of building a story around the visual material, rather than around a script.

48 min.

$ 49.95

TV Interview Techniques

Part I demonstrates techniques for conducting a successful TV news interview, from putting the subject at ease to getting all the coverage you need for the edit. The development of an actual interview is analyzed and the segment concludes with the final edited version. A second section covers the somewhat different approach required for a current affairs interview. Here the emphasis is on advance research and questions that probe for conflict between interviewees and the record, their critics or their previous statements.

25 min.

$ 149.00
$ 149.00

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