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Dance In Bali

3 Stars - Video Rating Guide for Libraries.

A behind the scenes look at the stunning dance culture of Bali. Filled with exclusive footage of the world's more renowned traditional drama and trance performances. From simple village settings to glitering royal courts, this program takes you inside eleven of Bali's most dramatic dances to show how intimately culture, religion and life are inter-twined in Bali. Comes complete with study guide.

Dance in Bali: The Art of a People - DVD

This program teaches: Introduction to Secular Dance, Teruna Jaya, Arja, Joged, Kecak.

30 min.

F1154 DVD

$ 69.00

Dance In Bali: Upon the Sacred Stage - DVD

This program teaches: Introduction to Sacred Dance, Sanghyang Jaran, Calon Arang, Gambuh, Topeng.

30 min.


$ 69.00

Dance Class For Actors & Musical Theater With Cathy Roe

Learn Dance For The Actor. For Drama Teachers and Students!

Cathy is an international dance educator with a degree in dance from Western Michigan University. Her experience includes work as a television choreographer, University dance director and studio owner. She has received numerous choreographic awards including the New York Film and Television Award.

Dance Class For The Actor - Level One

Instructed By Cathy Roe

This program includes a full dance class for beginners that includes basic warm up, exercises for building rhythm skills, balance & flexibility exercises, strength training and a jazz vocabulary of 20 basic steps. It also features 25 dance steps commonly used in musical theater, followed by three ôstyle study" routines for disco, showbiz and cabaret.

70 min.

$ 99.00

$ 99.00

Dance Class For The Actor - Level Two

Instructed By Cathy Roe

Dance Training for the actor level two, builds on the first program with a more advanced warm up, isolation study, full stretch, flexibility exercises, strength training and center exercises found in jazz and modern dance. Twenty more additional dance vocabulary steps are introduced and three ôstyle study" routines are featured which include top-hat and kick, latin and waltz

70 min.

$ 99.00

$ 99.00

Video Dance & The Video Dance Lectures

SiIver Medal, '99' New York International Film & TV Festival. *This two program set is a must for anyone involved in filming dance.

Join Bob Lockyer, BBC Director of Dance, in a two week workshop with seven choreographers and six video directors as they experiment and collaborate in the unique art form that creates "choreography for the camera." The companion video dance lectures examines how the human eyes see dance and traces the path from a choreographer's notation to a functional shooting script.

79 min.

$ 249.00

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