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Computer Visions

A fantastic voyage through the world of computer animation. Written, Produced and Directed by Geoffrey de Valois, 3 Time CINE Golden Eagle Award Winner

From the distant reaches of outer space to the molecular level of the human body, Computer Visions, takes you where no program has gone before. Join Ray Tracy, the world's first computer generated television host, on an international behind the scenes journey through a fantastic universe of images and stories created by artists on the cutting edge of computer animation. You'll explore the virtual realities of computer generated worlds where illusion and reality merge. Amoung other experiences, you'll swim with robotic mermaids, rock n' roll with Dozo, a visually exciting new computer singer and visit a strange and alien world where humanoid creatures dance in ritual ecstacy. Discover the reality behind the magic and learn about the evolution of computer animation.

58 min.
$ 149.00

$ 149.00

Computer Animation Magic

CINE Golden Eagle *Houston International Film Festival Gold Award *U.S. Film Festival Gold Camera Award

See how computer animation sequences are build up step-by-step, from the construction of wire frame models to the addition of color, lighting and texture. Dozens of spectacular, state-of-the-art examples show the effective use of computer graphics in such diverse fields as advertising, production, business communication , architectural and product design, education, medicine, scientific research, real time simulation, children's games and dramatic production.

58 min.
$ 149.00

$ 149.00

Computer Dreams

Welcome to the fascinating dimension where thoughts become life and fantasy reality. An astounding collection of the best in computer animation and digital effects. Featuring works of over 100 artists and animation companies from around the world, this startling video anthology plants you at the drawing board of some of the most ingenious digital effects ever created. Computer Dreams gives form to the fancies of the imagination in shapes and images that excite the eye and the mind.

58 min.
$ 149.00

$ 149.00

The Digital Disc Production Process

Learn all the steps involved in producing DVDs (Digital VideoDiscs) and CD ROM digital discs. The process begins with the conceptual stage and moves to the development of a creative team with expertise in interactive writing, graphics, animation, still photography and video production. Discover how these media are designed for interactive use, programmed onto a hard drive, translated into a master disc and then reproduced in mass quantities. DVD producers and industry experts discuss entertainment and educational applications, costs, time requirements and the types of programs that are best produced and re-purposed for DVD or CD ROM.

30 min.
$ 149.00

Digital Imaging Acquisition & Applications

This cutting edge program examines the new digital cameras, scanners and software as well as other photographic technologies including the transmission of photos via satellite, the internet and telephone lines. The program also examines ethical considerations involved in using computers to enhance or manipulate photos, as well as the future role of standard film cameras and existing photographic libraries. Both journalistic and commercial photography viewpoints are expressed by professionals working in the field.

20 min.
$ 149.00

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