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The Power of Lighting for Film & Video

DP & Lighting Designer Bill Holshevnikoff has been lighting & shooting award-winning broadcast, corporate and documentary programming for over 20 years. Considered a leader in lighting education, his experience as a lighting educator includes the production of over a dozen highly successful lighting education programs. In this series, Holshevnikoff shares his expertise through dozens of “before & after” demonstrations & lighting placement diagrams.

SAVE $30
The Power of Lighting for Film & Video: Lighting Faces

A comprehensive look at the art of lighting people. Teaches how to control the size, distance & position of your light source, contrast control & ratios and how to use hard & soft light. Also teaches how to eliminate unwanted shadows, simple techniques for lighting different skin tones & how to light for baldness. Discover which type of lighting instruments will give you the look you want.

45 min.

The Power of Lighting for Film & Video: Lighting Interviews

Lighting Interviews provides detailed information for lighting a variety of interviews, ranging from single-camera news & location set-ups to multi-camera studio programs. Learn to improve your ENG lighting, understand HMI (daylight balanced) lighting and discover how to make your studio interviews look their best.

45 min.

The Power of Lighting for Film & Video: Color Correction & Filtration

This program examines the craft of correcting the many different colors of light as it relates to shooting film and video. You'll see how to use color correction gels & filters to make your location lighting look its best. Learn to gel windows quickly, color correct for fluorescent and mercury vapor lights & much more.

45 min.

The Power of Lighting for Film & Video: Lighting Backgrounds

Every shot has a background & too often the importance of backgrounds is overlooked. This program provides detailed lighting diagrams & dozens of images to demonstrate just how important background lighting can be. See the tools & techniques used to light both interior, exterior locations & studio sets. Light control techniques and background treatments are explored in depth.

45 min.


The Virtual Bolex 2.0 16mm Camera Tutorial

An Interactive Guide for Beginning Film Students & for those New to the Bolex. Produced by Robert F. Arnold, Associate Professor of Film, Boston University.

The Virtual Bolex is an interactive tutorial and reference guide for the 16mm Bolex reflex movie camera, commonly used in beginning filmmaking classes at many universities. The tutorial is designed to permit students to get virtual hands-on practice with the camera, to become familiar with the film loading procedure, controls for setting frame-rate, exposure, focus, before and in-between the limited time they may have access to the camera for actual shooting. Once the student becomes familiar with the camera, the reference material supplants the limited Bolex camera manual and reference works that cover this camera in detail. Additional information includes using the Variable Shutter to control exposure,in-camera special effects, prime and zoom lenses, filters for color and black and white film and more.According to Sam Kauffmann, film professor at Boston University and author of the most popular book on Avid editing, "The Virtual Bolex is like having the camera and the instructor right there in front of you." For Mac, OSX and Windows.

Program Highlights: Bolex Anatomy - Camera Controls - Lenses & Filters - Loading Tutorial.

$ 69.95

Double Exposure - The Voice Of The Camera

An Introduction For Film Studies

This program preserves a remarkable body of informational films with movie and media pioneers, contemporary film technicians and screen artists. It explores how films work technically and artistically and provides insight into the Hollywood camera and crew system. This program teaches students to develop an image from initial inspiration into a coherent and well-reasoned scene, to build camera skills and to enhance their ability to think, speak and write critically in an increasingly visual and technological culture. It provides significant role training and illustrates the collaborative craft of film and media pre-production, production, postproduction and distribution using pioneers, contemporary technicians and screen artists. Featured speakers include: Ed Di Giulio, Designer. Owen Roizman, ASC, Cinematographer. Victor J. Kemper, ASC, Cinematographer. Fred J. Koenkamp, ASC, Cinematographer. William A Fraker, ASC, Cinematographer. Ben Kufrin, Cinematographer. Tak Miyagishima, Engineering Panavision. Leonard Chapman, Chief Engineer, Chapman. Comes complete with detailed work book. The DVD features additional behind the scenes, filmographies, camera techniques and show specifications.

Program Highlights This program links historical film pioneers and Hollywood Directors of Photography with on camera interviews revealing format analysis of the following:The Steadicam - The Responsibilities of a Director of Photgraphy - Camera Framing - A Brief History of Panavision - Camera Movement - Drawing the Audience into the Film - Crossing the Line.

26 min.

$ 39.95
$ 44.95

Conducting Light On A Shoestring

Hosted by David Lee Cuthbert

Ideal for college & high school design/production classes as well as introduction and appreciation courses.This new release clearly illustrates the creative process of 'conducting light' to the stage within the confines of limited space and budget. What does a stage lighting designer actually do? This "Experts in Action" program follows professional lighting designer David Lee Cuthbert through his design process from initial ideas to the final production at the award winning Sledgehammer Theatre in San Diego.

33 min.

$ 119.00
$ 139.00

Lighting Technology For Theatrical Lighting CDROM

Interactively explore the world of theatrical lighting technology in this CD that teaches all about the basics and more! Learn at your own pace about the physics of light, how electricity works, how different lighting instruments are used to manipulate light, how to safely use electricity and even how to troubleshoot problems in your lighting system. Not only do you get loads of great information but there are hundreds of full-color, interactive illustrations and great 3-D animations that let you see and understand how color really works, the anatomy of instruments, dimmers, control boards and many other useful topics. The CD even includes a reference section with handy information such as a glossary, charts of beam and field angles, power formulas to determine safe electrical loads, photometrics, lamp information and more. Great for those who need to train lighting technicians but don't have the time or perhaps the expertise to do so. It's like having a text and a lighting lab on your desktop!

$ 89.95

Shedding Some Light

Teach basic stage lighting without hauling tons of gear into the classroom. Host Michael Lamirand, Theater Director at Ball State University, examines common types of lighting units, reviews light boards and accessories, provides basic principles of electricity and shows how to lay out and read a light plot. Tricks and techniques are divulged which are used to achieve extremely difficult effects while maximising the number of takes each day.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: Demonstrations Include: Hanging, Circuiting, Focusing Of The Lighting Instruments.

95 min.

$ 119.00

Shedding Some Light CDROM

For PC Only. Platforms required 95, 98, NT, ME,2000 or XP.

95 min.

$ 149.00

Shedding Some Light DVD

95 min.

$ 149.00

Conducting Light With Lighting Designer David Cuthbert

"This video realistically captures the hard work and creative thought process used by lighting designers." - Karin Filijan, Professional Lighting Designer.

Presented by David Cuthbert this program takes the hassle out of demonstrating the "how to's" of stage lighting. Subjects covered include basic stage lighting equipment, cabling, hanging and focusing procedures, lighting accessories, essential maintenance, color media, color temperature area lighting and safety. Ideal for college level, secondary / middle school students. Topics covered include: studio practice, lighting design, color temperature, lighting metering and use of practical lamps.

30 min.

$ 129.00
$ 149.00

Feature Film Lighting

Russell Boyd, director of photography on such films as "Picnic at Hanging Rock", "Tender Mercies" and "White Men Can't Jump", discusses the lighting of scenes from his work in technical terms, including such specific problems as rain scenes and the use of nets in interiors and exteriors. Examples range from his near-documentary work on Philip Noyce's "Backroads" to the elaborate musical numbers of Gillian Armstrong's "Starstruck".

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: This program shows and discusses generous excerpts from more than half a dozen of Boyd's films. This is a program for professionals, as well as, serious student's of cinematography.

56 min.

$ 149.00
$ 149.00

The 16 mm Camera

In Part 1 of this program cinematographer Bill Constable demonstrates all the major systems and operations of the 16mm camera. In Part 2, Constable examines twelve major camera systems, providing a virtual out-of-the-box manual and an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Cameras demonstrated include the Eclair NOR and AWL, the Arriflex STY, BY and SO, the Cinema Products CP16 and CP16 single system, the Aaton, Bolex, Beaulieu and others. For classroom use, the program is divided into 27 segments.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: Topics include: Viewing systems, Motor types and running speeds, Magazine types and camera loading technique, Turret types & lens mounts, Camera noise and how to avoid it, Claw mechanisms, Variable shutters, Metering systems.

195 min.

$ 299.00
$ 299.00

Introduction to TV Lighting

Lighting director Bob Forster Demonstrates 3-dimensional lighting for one or more people on a set. Split screens and graphics show changes to the lighting setup and the effect on a close up. Learn how to create both day and evening lighting effects for an interior and color correction alternatives for scenes combining interior and exterior lighting.

20 min.

$ 149.00

$ 149.00


Digital Cameras Made Easy

A Complete Guide to Purchasing & Using your Digital Camera.

Learn how a digital camera works, what you can do with a digital camera, the best way to get quality pictures and how to buy the camera that's right for you. Step-by-step lessons include: using digital film cards, camera settings, close ups, portraits, landscapes, camera pixels, mega pixels, camera settings, re-sizing, photo software & more.

40 min.

$ 29.95

Understanding Digital Cameras

Ideal for photography, photojournalism and photographic art courses. This program is an outstanding introduction to the many features and capabilities of digital still cameras. Covers the importance of megapixels, image capture speed, optical versus digital zoom, image storage, storage media, printing issues and more.

15 min.
$ 149.00

$ 169.00

Understanding Lighting for Video, Film and Photography

Ideal for video field production, film and photography courses. This fast-paced program covers the importance of light for quality images in any medium. Includes dozens of creative tips for using natural light, existing interior light, standard lighting fixtures and professional lighting equipment. Also covers the use of gels, reflectors, filters, and other tools to create interesting images and programs.

20 min.
$ 149.00

$ 149.00

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