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Media Researchers By Cindy Lont and Susan Kehoe

“Media Researchers” provides a bridge for instructors by offering a new approach for teaching and learning theory. Using mass communication scholars as a backdrop, this educational series offers those who study theory and those who teach it, a more humanized, personalized approach to understanding theorists, theory development, and research. As a result, “Media Researchers” enhance students’ understanding of, and spark enthusiasm for, original research. Each program features one-on-one interviews with founding scholars in the mass communication field focusing on their background (how they got into the field), their contribution, their critics and their future work.

Cultural Studies & The Scholarship Of Journalism: James W. Carey

James W. Carey, cultural historian, communication scholar, theorist, writer and teacher of journalists, discusses Cultural Studies and the scholarship of journalism.

19 min.


$ 79.95


Political Communication & Mass Communication: Steven H. C

Steven H. Chaffee, communication scholar, theorist, historian, methodologist, and teacher, discusses his work in political communication and mass communication effects research.

23 min.


$ 79.95


Development Communication & Communication Technology: Everett M. Rogers

Everett M. Rogers, communication scholar, theorist, writer, and teacher discusses his research in the field of development communication, diffusion of innovations and communication technology.

48 min.


$ 79.95


Violence & Television: George Gerbner

George Gerbner, communication scholar, theorist, teacher, poet, and the founder of cultivation theory, discusses his work which influenced four decades of research on violence and television.

25 min.



$ 79.95


Media Researchers Four-DVD Set

Using Mass Communication scholars as a backdrop, this educational series offers those who study theory and those who teach it, a more humanized, personalized approach to understanding theorists, theory development & research.

SAVE $30

$ 289.80

How Ratings Work - Audience Feedback Systems

Unravel the mystery, science and art of ratings for TV, Radio and the Internet. This program is a valuable instructional aide for mass communications and media instructors. Topics covered in the program include: early rating systems, Nielsen - equipment, methodology, reports, adapting to industry changes, arbitron, other ratings services, measurement calculation, how ratings are used, audience and other forms of feedback, financial issues and the future with the Internet.

30 min.



$ 99.95


Women’s Representation In The Media: Content, Careers and Criticism

A first rate examination of the history of women in the Media, from print to television to motion pictures and their impact on American culture. It’s about time someone put this formidable curriculum on DVD!” – Lynda Obst (Film Producer, Sleepless in Seattle, The Fisher King, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days)

“Women and Media” by Dr. Cindy Lont is a fast moving program with visuals of past and present media and interviews with Dr. Maurine Beasley, Sheila Gibbons and Junior Bridge, all foundational scholars in the field of women and media. The program focuses on four areas: the reclaimed history of women who created media, the media portrayal of women, women's inclusion in the media workforce and how men perceive media differently than women which affects what we read, see and hear from the media. “Women and Media” is a perfect introduction to Women, Minorities and Media Courses or a section on media in a Women's studies course."

45 min.




Media Literacy: The Audience

Most people think of "audience" as those who watch television, listen to the radio, read a magazine or newspaper or surf the web but "media are businesses. " In the same way a hardware store sells nuts and bolts, the media sell product - YOU - the audience. Guaranteeing an audience to advertisers is what the media do and it has to be the "right" audience - those with money to spend on the advertised product or products. This program examines the concepts of demographics, psychographics, how ratings affect media, targeting and on-line advertising.

24 min.

$ 79.95
$ 99.95

Media Literacy: Creating Media

Most students have little experience creating media and assume creating media is an easy process. For newspapers, you collect some information, write a story, type it out and lay it out. With a computer, how hard can that be? Part of the intrigue of media creation is it looks so easy. This program takes students on location to a behind-the-scenes look at a radio station, television news show, a regional newspaper and a national on-line newspaper to see how media is created in a top media market.

16 min.

$ 79.95
$ 99.95

Media Literacy: Ethics

This program focuses on those who work as media professionals whether they are public relations specialists, journalists, photojournalists, advertising executives, newspaper editors or camera operators. In the media it's not just about what we say but what we show and how we show it. Visuals, whether they are video, photos, or how we put together photos and words, often have more impact and more credibility than words alone. This program includes interviews with journalists from the Washington Post and USA Today.com who talk about ethical standards at both print and on-line newspapers.

31 min.

$ 79.95
$ 99.95

The Hollywood Inside Out Series

These essential programs reveal the intricate innerworkings of the entertainment industry. Each tape includes interviews and behind the scenes coverage of top professionals engaged in their day-to-day creative process. An excellent resource for the next generation of film, television and music makers.

Hollywood Inside Out: The TV Industry

Featured Interviews Include: Pamela Fryman - Director "Fraiser," "Suddenly Susan." Tammara Billik - Casting Director of "Ellen," "Married with Children." Michael Brandman - Producer "Last Stand At Saber River," "The Heidi Chronicles." Jeff Richman - Writer "Fraiser," "Wings." Besty Newman - V.P. Program Development For Turner Network TV Justin Falvey & Darrly Frank - Executives, Dreamworks Television

A fast paced, comprehensive look at how network sitcoms and dramatic series are made. Shot on the set and behind-the-scenes, this video features many of television's top producers, writers and craftspeople, sharing their insights on the creative process. All phases of the production process are covered, from concept and casting to shooting and final post-production.

40 min.

$ 149.00
$ 169.00

Hollywood Inside Out: The Music Industry

Featured Interviews Include: Billy Steinberg - Songwriter, credits include: "Like A Virgin" for Madonna, "True Colors," for Cyndi Lauper, "Falling Into You" for Celine Dion. Tony Berg - A&R at Geffen Records. John Boylan - Producer, Carly Simon, Linda Ronstadt. Judy Stakee - V.P. Creative Services at Warner/Chappell Music, Acts: Sheryl Crow, Jewel. Jeff Jampol - President of Jampol Artist Management, Acts: Tal Bachman, Dimestore Hoods, Lidsville.

The business and creative aspects of the music industry are fully examined in this detailed instructional video. Includes interviews with top songwriters, artists and record company executives sharing their experiences on the hit making process. This program also explores the issues of artist development, packaging, marketing and distribution.

40 min.

$ 149.00
$ 169.00

Mass Communication How Television Ratings Work

Discover what those television ratings really mean.

Television programming including news, sports and entertainment is driven by RATINGS. In this video, students will discover how ratings are determined by using randomly selected households across America. This program shows how sampling takes place and how homes are selected to participate. Using people meters, see how rating companies know who is watching a particular program and how ratings drive the radio and television industry.

20 min.

$ 89.95



Mass Communication Cable Television: How It Works

Excellent for use in broadcast courses.

This program shows you why and how cable television was started, reviewing the Head Ed, Distributing system and House Drop while exploring some of the major operations. From a "community antenna" project serving only remote areas in the 1940's to the country's largest private construction program passing nearly one hundred million homes today, cable television is a powerful media source.

30 min.

$ 89.95

$ 99.95


Mass Communication The Electronic Darkroom: The Future Of Photography

A terrific video for an introduction to mass media courses as well as traditional photography and computer courses.

Trends in photography show that computers are not only replacing the darkroom but film itself. Dr. Sam Winch walks you through the process of photo image to print. Discover how a typical college newspaper uses the new technology. The photo-editor shows students how the AP Leaf Picture Dest provides images to newspapers across the country and the managing editor also explains the economics of such a system.

33 min.

$ 89.95

Hollywood Digital Diaries

Documentary filmmaker Sergio Myers sets out to answer the question "What does it take to make it in Hollywood?" By using a unique shooting style of one mini-DV camera and natural lighting, Myers captures a spontaneous, honest and real-life portrayal of t

90 min.

$ 49.95


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