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Making The Monster - Special Makeup Effects

Ideal for Special Effects Artists & Makeup Enthusiasts.
From the original Jack Pierce Tribute, this short production features a step-by-step demonstration featuring the makeup and application in creating the Frankenstein Monster. Learn the techniques of the special effects artists and visual effects techniques from Kevin Haney, one of the industries finest.

9 min.
$ 99.00

Mime Over Matter

Now you can include a "mime" unit in your drama class or drama club. Jodi Ray Lynn, performer and mime instructor, can lead one person or a full class through these easy to follow mime illusions. Includes; introduction to mime, exaggerated action, sections of the body, the lean, inclinations, rotations, the sit, isolations, the wall, breaking down movement, the rope and creating a mime piece. Specifically designed as a student participation video that will encourage creativity.

101 min.
$ 119.00

Mime Over Matter CDROM

For PC Only. Platforms required 95, 98, NT, ME,2000 or XP.

101 min.
$ 149.00

Mime Over Matter DVD

101 min.
$ 149.00

Make Up & Visual Effects: Creature People

Features a rare behind-the-scenes from the set of STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE. Makeup enthusiasts, students and Star Trek fans will be fascinated to witness the application of makeup and paint to create the marauding Martok. Watch the entire makeup process from beginning to end as effects master Dave Quashnick transforms actors J.G. Hertzler into Klingon general, Martok. Also features a slew of interviews with makeup artists old and new, filmed over a ten-year period, including Rick Baker, Dick Smith, Kevin Haney, Craig Reardon, John Chambers, Greg Cannom, Rob Burman, Jennifer McManus, Michele Burke, Lance Anderson and actor Robert Picardo. Features Of the Program: Creature People interviews, Making Martok and Behind-the-Scenes with John Chambers Tribute.

30 min.

$ 99.00

The Mask Making Series - Visual & Special Effects

The Complete Series Teaching The Art of Mold Making, Casting & Painting Full Head Latex Masks. Taught by F/X Pros – Anthony Giordano & Omar Sfreddo.

Mask Making: Molding & Casting Latex Masks

The Complete Series Teaching The Art of Mold Making, Casting & Painting Full Head Latex Masks. Taught by F/X Pros – Anthony Giordano & Omar Sfreddo.

Learn the secrets of how the award-winning Hollywood special effects artists make great looking latex masks & special effect props. Special effects artists Omar Sfreddo & Anthony Giordano team up to cover all the basic techniques as well as many studio tricks for latex casting. Teaches: Preparing clay walls, Creating the plaster mold, Building pry points, Demolding, Pouring the casting, Demolding the finished mask.

60 min.

$ 99.00

Mask Making: Finishing & Painting Latex Masks

Explore the entire process from first conceiving your masks through preparing and finishing each project. Teaches: Trimming the mask, Masking repairs, Using the air brush, Shading & highlighting, Painting veining, Teen & eyes, Final finishes.

60 min.

$ 99.00

Mask Exploration: The Process of Character Creation & Transformation

An Instructional DVD & accompanying Workshop Manual for Professional Acting Programs

Ideal for University Professors in Theatre Arts, Directors of Actor-Training Programs, High School Drama Teachers, Community Education, Actors, and Drama Therapy Programs.

Stephanie Campbell (MFA Acting/Directing, University of Arizona) is an international Mask Methods specialist and a theatre professor at Montana State University. Ms Campbell conducts mask workshops worldwide and offers an easily understood process of Character Creation for use in your own workshops. Using character masks representing an entire range of emotions, workshop or class participants can learn to more fully develop their ability to make and "allow" intuitive physical, emotional, or mental choices appropriate for their creations. The purpose of the DVD and book is to provide teachers and facilitators with the tools and the information so that they can conduct workshops on their own. The 60 minute DVD is compiled from twelve hours of past workshops and is a step by step guide (along with the accompanying 120 page illustrated workshop leaders' manual) in conducting a successful workshop. Masks, with their multitude of transformational qualities, embody endless possibilities for theatrical Character Creation. Participants in MASK EXPLORATION WORKSHOPS intuitively create multi-faceted characters from a broad spectrum of emotional states to fully-realized and expressive entities from behind the mask. The process and workshop exercises are appropriate for inclusion in drama programs in colleges and universities, high schools, community education programs, and drama therapy/counseling.

60 Min.


Mask Exploration Book

The companion book is a transformational tool for actors and actors-in-training. It includes full descriptions of the types of workshops that can be created and guidelines for leading workshops along with over forty detailed workshop excercises that can be mixed and matched or modified to suit the needs of each workshop created.

120 pages.


SAVE $40 DVD & BOOK Set:




Mask Package: SAVE $380 - 10 MASK SET

MASKS: Stephanie Campbell's unique full-face character masks, representing a gamut of emotions and universal archetypes, have been created specifically for use with the Mask Workshop DVD and Book. These finest quality theatrical character masks are made of durable high quality neoprene latex, semi-flexible, feature adjustable elastic straps and include foam padding. Taken care of, these teaching and performance masks will last for many, many years. If you have ever wanted to work with full-face character masks or lead a workshop of your own, but did not know where to get quality masks, this is your opportunity to obtain a set of ten or fifteen professional quality character masks at a heavily discounted price. These mask packages are only available through First Light Video Publishing, distributors of the Mask Workshop DVD and Book.


Mask Package: SAVE $600 - 15 MASK SET


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