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The Basics Of Multimedia

Telly Awards, Bronze Statue

Multimedia brings together graphics, animation, audio, video and text to create a new kind of experience. The results turn passive viewers into involved participants, opening up new possibilities for education, art and entertainment. This entertaining program examines the basic ingredients of multimedia, including hardware, software, scripting, interactivity and even robotics. Included are interviews with industry experts and examples of widely varied multimedia presentations from interactive databases and living books to virtual reality experiences.

"Timely and relevant." Dr. Lionel S. Duncan, Morgan State University.

20 min.
$ 149.00
$ 149.00

Educating With Multimedia

Telly Awards, Bronze Statue

Educators in a wide range of fields are using combinations of interactive audio-visual information technologies to explore new methods of teaching and learning in fields ranging from anatomy to zoology. This program demonstrates how professors and students are finding ways to use the power of the internet, streaming audio and video, digital discs and more to utilize the teaching power of interactive multimedia.

30 min.
$ 149.00

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