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The Basic Radio Skills Series

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Topics include: research, scripting, scheduling, equipment operation and techniques for using voice as an effective tool.

"These tapes have made my job much easier. They are very useful in tying whole concepts together." - Donald E. Smith, Associate Professor Communications, Elizabethtown College This training series is geared for the radio beginner or for those wanting to improve their practical knowledge. Each program provides the most comprehensive introduction to both the technical and creative aspects of radio.

The Basic Radio Skills Series. Save $150. 10 DVD Set: $1,220.00

$ 1220.00

Basic Radio Skills: Announcing and Presentation

A lively montage takes us through a typical radio day as six announcers on talk, news and music shows provide insights into the specific requirements of their formats and into their personal approaches to gathering, organizing and presenting material. Emphasis is placed on learning how to "be yourself" on the air rather than assuming a facade or persona.

28 min.
$ 149.00
$ 149.00

Basic Radio Skills: Editing

A straightforward presentation of the two basic audiotape editing techniques: splice editing and dub editing. Graphics and overlays make the procedures clear and examples of music and voice edits are performed.

16 min.
$ 119.00
$ 119.00

Basic Radio Skills: The Radio Interview

Mike Broadhurst interviews a number of top interviewers, including at one point, himself. The basic technical requirements of the audio interview are covered, with a strong emphasis on content and interaction, how to prepare your questions, how to get the subject to relax, how to deal with subjects who take over the interview, or respond in monosyllables, or evade your question altogether.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS The participants in the program act out many of these problem situations as they discuss effective strategies for handling them.

20 min.
$ 149.00
$ 149.00

Basic Radio Skills: Radio Talkback

This program explores a wide range of styles and approaches for the live call-in show. A special instructional segment examines phone operation, delay systems and call dumping.

35 min.
$ 149.00
$ 149.00

Basic Radio Skills: Radio News

Five seasoned journalists present an in-depth view of radio news at work. Topics include news sources, item selection and scripting, preparation for broadcast, presentation skills, telephone interviews, field reports and more.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Procedures for cueing, labeling, cleaning and machine care are emphasized. A must for station volunteers and trainees, whether at the college or professional level.

38 min.
$ 149.00
$ 149.00

Basic Radio Skills: Radio Writing

The specifics of writing for new and current affairs, commercial copyrighting and radio comedy writing are covered in detail. Specialists in each area lay out the basic requirements and share tricks of the trade.

47 min.
$ 149.00
$ 149.00

Basic Radio Skills: The Radio Studio

This program introduces the radio novice to the operation of the hardware of a radio studio: console, microphones, telephone talkback, turntables, CD players, cart players, tape recorders, cassette decks, DAT recorders and more. It includes procedures for cueing, labeling, cleaning and taking care of the machines.

32 min.
$ 89.95
$ 89.95

Radio Drama

First rate teaching by an experienced director, valuable for anyone involved in the dramatic arts.

Shaun Mclaughlin, director of over 200 BBC radio plays, leads a master class at the Australian Radio, Film and Television School in the rehearsal and production of a short radio drama. Part 1 features the rehearsal and recording process with emphasis on creating the precise sonic environment and ambience for each scene. Part 2 covers the finished scene and Part 3 shows the cast at work and how each ambience and effect is achieved.

55 min.
$ 149.00
$ 149.00

Radio Production: Making A Commercial

The production process of a humorous insurance commercial is amusingly narrated by producers Street Remley and Bob Dennis. We see them at work with the client and with actors as the recording session proceeds. The editing process is followed in detail along with the addition of sound effects and the final mix. At each step along the way, aesthetic considerations are balanced against the needs of the client

43 min.
$ 149.00
$ 149.00

The Art of Radio Advertising

Two of America's most successful radio commercial producers, Bert Berdis and Alan Bartzman, discuss their approach to concept and development, copyrighting and directing for radio ads. In the trademark style of "Bert and Bars", the radio audience is not aggressively pitched at, but rather made privy to private, sometimes whispered conversations. In this program they emphasize selling through humor and describe their team approach to the creative process.

20 min.
$ 119.00
$ 119.00

Radio Drama For The Classroom CDROM

An effective tool to focus on the development of the actor's voice.

This two CD set was designed to make it easy for teachers to create and develop a unit on radio drama. The first CD has a teacher guide with instructions, lesson plans and scripts. It includes teaching tips, technical tips, 24 different activities and 21 radio drama scripts. The second CD is an audio CD with music and sound effects to help produce the scripts in the teacher guide and the first CD. It includes music riffs and sound effects for the 21 radio drama scripts.

$ 39.00

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