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Fundamentals Of Scenic Painting

4 Stars - Highly recommended. Hanson is an expert on the subject, his delivery is relaxed, confident and filled with practical information. - Video Rating Guide For Libraries.

This ambitious introduction to scenic painting examines the basic components of paint (pigments, fillers, bases and binders), the characteristics and uses of various media (oil and water base paints, shellacs and varnishes, spray paints, bronzing powders and more) and a wide range of tools and application techniques (brushes, rollers, sprayers, sponges, dusters, stencils, rag roll, pounce wheel and much more). In an ideal use of the video medium, this virtual encyclopedia of technique is presented through dozens of close-up, hands-on examples. Host Ron Ranson shows specific application methods of foliage, stone, brick, planking, wall paper, architectural detailing, aging, sky textures, highlights and shadows. The package includes five elevations with overlay grids for the student projects.

81 min.
$ 148.00
$ 148.00

Where Do I Start: Basic Set Construction

This program demonstrates basic set construction including building supplies and tools, construction of flats and platforms, assembly of windows and door frames, hinging, stiffeners, jacks, moldings along with the transport and assembly of the completed set. The accompanying teacher's guide includes a program outline, suggested plans for flats, windows, doors, jacks and platforms, a sample floor plan, illustrated glossary and select bibliography.

Features of the program: Accompanying teacher's guide includes program outline, plans for flats, windows, doors, jacks and sample floor plan. Features David Shawger, Ball State University Scene Designer & Technical Director.

72 min.
$ 119.00

Where Do I Start: Basic Set Construction CDROM

For PC Only. Platforms required 95, 98, NT, ME,2000 or XP.

72 min.
$ 149.00

Where Do I Start: Basic Set Construction DVD

72 min.
$ 119.00

Firearm Safety Onstage

Had the crew of "The Crow" followed the advice in Firearm Safety Onstage, Brandon Lee would be alive." - Arts, Crafts and Theater Safety (ACTS)

Contrary to popular opinion, the use of blanks for onstage firearms scenes is not a guarantee of safety. With theaters and theater departments being held liable for onstage accidents, clear understanding of the safety techniques presented in this video is a must for all administrators, directors, stage managers, actors and students.

45 min.
$ 129.00
$ 119.00

Play It Safe - Introduction to Theatre Safety

Safety habits every theater and production worker should learn! Save yourself the emotional and legal problems of an accident and make sure everyone in your theater or production team watches this tape! Play It Safe gives you hundreds of guidelines , samples and rules so that workers can develop safer habits. This program is divided into six sections: Basic OSHA regulations, general safety practices, chemical hazards and personal protection equipment, stage lighting safety, costume shop safety and scene and prop safety.

82 min.
$ 148.00
$ 119.00

Design An Introduction

Designer Dennis Gentle provides a fast paced and entertaining introduction to design for film and TV. Gentle uses actual productions and examples to demonstrate the process of scene design and construction. He also examines the role of the designer in coordinating costume design and selection, props, makeup and special effects to give each production a unified style.

18 min.
$ 119.00
$ 119.00

How Do I Paint It?

David C. Shawger, Associate Professor, Scene Designer at Ball State University, hosts this "how to" video illustrating scene painting techniques in a step-by-step manner that will dramatically improve your sets. Includes cross hatching, paint stamping, glazing, finishing, dry brushing, stenciling, stippling, marbling, spattering, wood graining, feather dusting and brick painting.

83 min.
$ 119.00

How Do I Paint It? CDROM

For PC Only. Platforms required 95, 98, NT, ME,2000 or XP.

83 min.
$ 149.00

How Do I Paint It? DVD

83 min.
$ 119.00

Painting Highlights

What goes on in a scenic painting class? Drop in on a compilation of several college level painting classes showing the unique evolution of projects in the paint shop. There are some great ideas with bricks, dirty walls, wood graining and marble. Ideal for motivating untrained students to use their imaginations as they confront the exciting world of theater painting for the first time. Features class syllabus and two project outlines.

45 min.
$ 79.00
$ 79.00

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