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The Skills For Actors Series

The Ultimate Resource For Any Actor or Theater Director

This series offers the unique experience of learning professional voice and physical skills from the same top instructors who have trained A-list actors in numerous films and TV shows. These programs offer a professional and innovative approach to mastering the physical skills necessary to make actors of all ages become more proficient in their field. The instructors in these programs are internationally acclaimed performers who have not only toured the world with groups such as Cirque du Soleil but have also coveted national and international championships. Eric Vetro has worked with numerous celebrity actors such as Kathy Bates, Julia Lewis-Dreyfuss, Drew Carey and Harvey Keitel.

Voice Skills

Reach your full career potential by developing an exciting voice!

Develop your speaking and singing voice to it's maximum potential with this easy to use step-by-step program taught by acclaimed voice teacher and vocal coach Eric Vetro. Discover the secrets to creating a commanding and powerful voice. Lean superior breath control and vocal support. Develop better pitch and professional tone quality while discovering vocal power and versatility.

45 min.

$ 99.00

$ 99.00


Voice Skills Audio CD

Audio CD.

The ideal audio CD to complement the video. In order to help you practice and fully utilize the singing exercises that are demonstrated on the Voice Skills video, this CD can be used by all voice categories. You will be guided through every step of the way.

45 min.
$ 59.95

More Voice Skills

Discover how to master the vocal techniques the pros use!

Eric Vetro brings you to a higher level of vocal development. Learn to master the techniques that professional singers, speakers and actors use. Teaches voice strengthening and development for compelling performances, how to improve your speaking and singing voice and how to cultivate healthy habits to protect and maintain your voice.

47 min.

$ 99.00

$ 99.00


More Voice Skills Audio CD

Audio CD.

In order to practice and fully utilize the exercises that are demonstrated on the More Voice Skills video, this audio CD can be used by all voice categories. You will be guided through every step of the way.

47 min.
$ 59.95

Voice Skills III

"You too, can learn the vocal methods used by TV and Broadway's most successful stars!"

In the third and most advanced program, Eric Vetro shares the techniques and vocal exercises he uses with his all-star clientele in Hollywood and on Broadway. This program teaches how to maximize your voice's flexibility and endurance, expand your vocal and dynamic ranges to their maximum capacity and how to dazzle your audience with a captivating style and beautiful voice.

38 min.
$ 99.00

$ 99.00


Body Language Skills

Your posture, facial expressions and how you move your body tell more than words can describe. Patti Colombo, Tony Award nominated choreographer, teaches the art of conversation without words, how to develop eccentric characters through body movement and the importance of what your body is communicating to others. Discusses defining attitudes through body language and includes situational exercises.

47 min.

$ 99.00

$ 99.00

Weapons Handling Skills & Techniques

Chuck Rousseau has been a film and television weapons wrangler for over 20 years and works with the I.S.S., the largest weapons armory and prop house in the United States. With more than 20 years experience as a weapons wrangler and FBI consultant, Chuck Rousseau teaches basic handling and treatment of modern firearms, including rifles. He has provided weapons and training on numerous productions including; Predator, Terminator 2, Total Recall, The X Files, Pearl Harbor and much more.

37 min.

$ 99.00

Swordplay Skills - Theatrical Fencing Skills

Tim Weske's unique sword system (based on the traditional European fencing system as well as the Spanish circle) has proven to be an effective, exciting and most importantly safe method, producing dramatic and unforgettable results on film and television. With 20 years of experience in stage combat, Tim teaches the art of fencing and fencing techniques in a way to rival the masters.

Subjects covered include: Philosophy & Parts of the Weapon. Footwork & Body Position. Targeting. Perries & Attacking.

47 min.

$ 99.00

$ 99.00

Swordsplay Skills - Broadsword Skills

Cutting edge action on the big screen revisited!

Cutting edge action on the big screen revisited! Tim Weske has choreographed hundreds of fight scenes and trained thousands of actors in the art of swordplay and has shared his techniques in some of Hollywood's top films. In this program he teaches the techniques of using larger sized swords.

Subjects covered include: Footwork and body position. Binds and Slashes. Cutting and Thrusting. Fight Phases.

45 min.

$ 99.00

Martial Art Skills & Fight Techniques

Omar Guerrero is a 2-time World Champion in the National Blackbelt League and has trained numerous actors for films and stunt work. With 15 years experience and two World Championships, Omar Guerrero teaches beginner to intermediate fighting techniques which look amazing on the big screen.

Program Highlights: Movement & angles for the screen. Basic kicks, punches and blocks. Basic martial art acrobatics. Throws and takedowns.

45 min.

$ 99.00

More Martial Art Skills & Techniques

Omar Guerrero teaches highflying kicks, beautiful aerials and advanced maneuvers of the martial arts.

Program Highlights: Advanced punches and kicks. Street fighting techniques for the screen. Techniques from Specialized Martial Arts styles. Aerial kicks and Acrobatics.

50 min.
$ 99.00

Circus Skills

Jean-Luc Martin, star of Cirque du Soleil, Olympic Athlete of the Decade and Mark Nizer, World Juggling Champion, breakdown a few better known circus skills, including handstands, tumbling, trapeze, Chinese poles, corde lisse (rope climbing) and juggling.

Subjects covered include: Handstand tricks. Basic tumbling. Juggling from Beginners to 3 Ball tricks. Single bar trapeze.

47 min.

$ 99.00
$ 119.00

More Circus Skills

Christine Van Loo, seven time National Champion in Sports Acrobatics has represented the US in World Championships and was selected Female Athlete of the Year. Jean-Luc, Christine Van Loo and Mark Nizer expand on the information learned in Circus Skills and teach advanced techniques.

Subjects covered include: Advanced tumbling. Chinese Poles. Juggling (4 to 5 Balls & Tricks). Corde Lisse (Tricks on a Rope).

45 min.

$ 99.00


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