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Producing for the Theater Series

A dynamic course that addresses the current problems and the methods used to solve them, in the very different and diversified world of the theatre today. Ideal for theatre classes that deal with directing, playwriting, acting and scenic design. Featuring Tony Award-Winning Producer Mike Merrick. Produced by Tony Award-winning producer Mike Merrick, this series examines the roles and responsibilities of the people who control the venues, content and talent in theater. Each program can be used individually to teach different aspects of producing the play, with vital input and expertise of authorities in varying endeavors in the world of theatre. The direct contact with these creative people, the questions asked and the answers offered, give students invaluable insights into the very formation of what an audience actually sees. Producing for the Theatre provides the experiences of true professionals who are leaders in the theatrical firmament, while affording instructors with a strong base upon which to formulate question and answer sessions and to form intelligent and meaningful exams that do not come from a “text book,” but are based on hard reality.

The Forces Who Run the Theater

This series examines the roles and responsibilities of the people who control the venues, content, and talent in theater and provide a wide panorama of what theatre is and who “makes it happen.” The active participants or “power brokers” in the vast enterprise that comprises live theatre take on many guises. They are theatre owners, managing and artistic directors of regional venues, marketing experts, designers, directors, actors, and playwrights, averitable army of creative contributors. It features Gerald Schoenfeld of the Schubert Organization (the largest and most influential theatre owner in this country), who addresses the relationship between theater owners and producers; Gordon Davidson of the Center Theatre Group, who discusses the development of live theater in Los Angeles; Michael Ritchie, who describes the development of regional theaters, their influence on Broadway, and the changing profile of theater enthusiasts; and Susan Smith, agent to such actors as Brian Dennehy and Kathy Bates, who explains the roles of agents.

Producing for the Theater Series: The Forces Who Run the Theater

SAVE $117! 4 DVD Set.

206 min.

$ 399.00

The Forces Who Run the Theater: Michael Ritchie

50 min.

$ 129.00

The Forces Who Run the Theater: Susan Smith

48 min.

$ 129.00

The Forces Who Run the Theater: Gordon Davidson

50 min.

$ 129.00

The Forces Who Run the Theater: Glen Cassale / Gerry Schoenfield

58 min.

$ 129.00

The Business of the Theater

These four programs describe the business aspect of producing the play, how you raise the money to capitalize a play or musical, structuring budgets to account for pre-production and “running” costs, and developing a marketing/publicity and advertising plan. It features theater professionals, including noted publicist David Elzer; Michael Gill, general manager for such productions as Mamma Mia, Phantom of the Opera, and Hairspray; an entertainment lawyer; a theatrical venture capitalist; and an advertising executive from Sorrino-Coyne, the commercial theatre’s top advertising agency; who offer insights into forming a contract and negotiating. The discussions are both dynamic and informative and offer insights into how you form a contract and behind the scenes negotiations that are vital for all aspects of theatre production.

Producing for the Theater Series: The Business of the Theater

SAVE $88! 3 DVD Set.

149 min.

$ 299.00

The Business of the Theater: James Donovan / Jack Wishna

50 min.

$ 129.00

The Business of the Theater: Randy Snow, David Elzer

49 min.

$ 129.00

The Business of the Theater: Glen Cassale / Michael Gill

50 min.

$ 129.00

The Dreamers & the Builders

The theatre is a world of “make believe” that can challenge, entertain, amuse and inform an audience. Capturing the hearts and minds of the audience is the role of the creative people who write, stage design, direct and perform. This series examines the jobs of the creative people behind theater productions and considers their processes. It explores the various aspects of the work of actors, directors, playwrights, designers, and technicians and discusses the ways in which they work individually and collaborate. These four programs take you behind the “curtain” to introduce you to those who take theatre from “the page to the stage.” A unique amalgam of “dreamers and doers.” Award winning scenic designer John Lacovelli explains how a play’s visual experience enhances the emotional impact of the production. Tony winning singer/actor Robert Goulet, who has starred in many musicals and straight plays on Broadway, and all media, reveals a compelling view of the difference of working in musicals as opposed to straight plays. You’ll also hear from playwrights, directors and theatre critics including Tony Del Valle, Robert Benedetti and Glen Cassale as they discuss the “extension of the fourth wall” and the collaborative effort that produces a play in the theatre.

Producing for the Theater Series: The Dreamers & the Builders

SAVE $146! 5 DVD Set.

253 min.

$ 499.00

The Dreamers & the Builders: John Lacovelli

53 min.

$ 129.00

The Dreamers & the Builders: Robert Goulet

52 min.

$ 129.00

The Dreamers & the Builders: Tony Del Valle

51 min.

$ 129.00

The Dreamers & the Builders: Robert Benedetti

49 min.

$ 129.00

The Dreamers & the Builders: Glen Casale

48 min.

$ 129.00

Producing for the Theater Series - All 12 Titles.

SAVE $549! 12 DVD Set.

$ 999.00


“Recommended for academic libraries supporting theater study.“ – Library Journal

Six outstanding small theatre productions from around the country in digital video from StageDirect, America's leading producer of fringe theater on video. Avid students of theater will find these plays help fill the often-neglected gap between theater theory and practice. These plays are fresh, smart, unconventional, unique and mostly off-off Broadway shows staged in small, intimate theaters. Each program is shot on location using multiple digital cameras, featuring a new approach to dramatic presentation.

The Magnificent Welles

*** - USA Today, January 2003
This is an excellent program for any theater department. Recommended for academic libraries.
“Both revealing and entertaining, this is a first rate production.“ - Booklist
“Wolland bears a remarkable resemblance to Welles … a genuine tour de force.“ – Seattle Times.

This acclaimed one-man play charts the spectacular rise and fall of film genius Orson Welles. Marcus Wolland deftly impersonates Welles in this performance that is both a memoir of Welles’ breathtaking career and a chronicle of his losing power struggle over The Magnificent Ambersons, the movie that followed Citizen Kane. Opening black and white footage, a great script, various camera angles, occasional special effects and audience reactions add variety to the performance.

Featuring extra scenes and commentary. Comes complete with study guide.

93 min.

$ 39.95

Mass Murder

“Recommended." – Library Journal “… an intense one-on-one encounter with a series of five serial murderers. The video provided an in-your-face quality I would have missed from the back row of a theater. I was spellbound." – Wall Street Journal

Spend an intimate evening with the twentieth century’s most notorious serial killers, including Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez (the “Night Stalker"), and Aileen Wuornos (America’s First Female Serial Killer). A fascinating study of very real and very defective human beings and the social forces that shaped them.

Comes complete with study guide.

86 min.

$ 39.95

The Haint

*** - Video Librarian. “Recommended." – Library Journal

A masterful example of Southern storytelling. This one-man Southern Gothic ghost story features the “phenomenally talented" Troy Mink (Seattle Weekly) playing 13 different characters – from a ghost-busting sheriff to a chain-smoking lesbian atheist – in the mythical haunted town of Midway, Tennessee.

Comes complete with study guide.

60 min.

$ 39.95


“Fabulously intelligent, witty … and important." – San Francisco Weekly "Side-splitting and brilliant." – TLA Video

Straight is a hilarious and subversive excursion into the world of conversion therapy, where homosexuals are reputedly made “straight." Join acclaimed writer/performer David Schmader as he plunges into the heart of this dangerous territory. Schmader, a gay man, pulls no punches with either the conversionists or the gay community in this one-man show.

Comes complete with study guide.

100 min.

$ 39.95

Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious

“Recommended." – Library Journal
“One of the most inventive pieces the company has produced … it’s all hilarious." – Chicago Tribune
“An intelligent examination of what makes people laugh and one that actually makes people laugh." Apollo Movie Guide.
"At once a very funny lecture on comedy, a shockingly serious comedy revue, and a heartfelt meditation on Freud and human psychology." – Chicago Reader

Chicago’s Neo-Futurists, aided by fellow assassins Sigmund Freud and Uncle Miltie, attempt to kill comedy by explaining why it’s funny – which only makes it funnier.

Comes complete with study guide.

83 min.

$ 39.95


This is humor in its lowdown downtown mode and it is irresistible." – The New York Times.

These outrageous “Fairy tales for Grown-ups" are not for the easily offended! Follow Poona’s twisted path to the Kingdom of Do (where no one did) and meet The Man Who Can Sell Anything, Suzy-Suzy Cyber-Assassin, Mr. Beer, space aliens and God (who will answer any question for five bucks). Nothing is sacred in this raucous assault on the power of language.

120 min.

$ 39.95

The Theatres of Asia: An Introduction

This video is of special interest not only to drama teachers but to teachers of social sciences, cultural studies and languages. The best of Professor David George's private and unique collection of slides on Asian theater is now, for the first time, available on video. Accompanied by a commentary, which places the major forms of both Asian classical and folk theater in their cultural context, this video introduces Asian theater through the roles it plays in the lives of Asian people and its special relationships to young people. David George has interviewed dancers, actors, musicians, shamans, priests, scholars, mask-makers, choreographers and taken detailed pictures of what he has learned.

44 min.

$ 149.00

$ 149.00

Making The Play

Featuring The Hemingway/Dos Passos Wars

A one hour documentary that brings to life the experience of a professional theater production. "Making The Play" enters the secret world of drama as it evolves on the stage from creation of text to Opening Night. Watch as the director shapes the play in rehearsal, the actors bring life to their roles, the set designer builds the set and music, dance and lighting are blended into the final production. This play deals with the real life story of Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos, adding elements of biography and research to the documentary. Comes with subject specific teachers guide.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Topics include: first rehearsals, history, building the set, promoting the show, costumes, actor's craft, fights, director's craft, music and dancing, and the show goes on.

60 min.

$ 79.95
$ 79.95

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