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The Videomaker Series -

Learn The Basics From The Experts at Videomaker. There's no better way to learn to create video than be watching the pros in action! Videomaker Magazine has helped thousands of users make better videos through its comprehensive, instructional line of video programming. Basic Shooting, Sound Success, Video Editing, Lighting Techniques, Introduction to Desktop Video and Advanced Shooting detail the fundamentals of producing quality, professional-looking productions.

Green Screen Tips & Tricks

Learn all you need to know about using a green screen. We present several step-by-step demonstrations on common uses of a green screen and include a special tutorial on changing virtual backgrounds. From green screen lighting, editing software tools and how to recreate carious green screen special effects, this DVD will leave you ready to put your green screen skills to use!

• History of Chroma Key
• Green Screen Basics
• Lighting
• Troubleshooting for Chroma Key
• Keying Tools
• Green Screen Planning
• Virtual Sets & Tracking Points.

42 min. F819DVD $39.95

$ 39.95

Field Audio

Essential techniques on capturing audio for video. Learn how to place microphones for interviews and events. Tips on using wireless lavaliere microphones, hidden microphones, boom microphones and digital video recorders. From mic placement to understanding wireless technology, this collection combines many techniques to get you started with capturing Field Audio!

• Interview Miking
• Live Event Miking
• Using a Boom Mic
• Using a Filed Mixer
• Lavaliere Mic Placement
• Camera Audi Control
• Wireless Mic Technology
• Headphone Tips
• Best Mic Cheats
• Foley Sound Effects

43 min F820DVD $39.95

$ 39.95

Video Lighting Tips

Teaches advanced tricks on the best way to work with light and shadow in your production. As an extra bonus, this disc has some of our best associated articles for viewing this DVD on a computer.

• An Overview of Video Lighting Equipment
• Cheap Video Lighting Solutions
• Three-point Lighting
• Video Lighting Safety Tips
• On-camera Video Lights
• Casting Shadow with Cookies
• Green Screen Lighting
• Mood Lighting Effects
• Specialty Lighting Tricks

29 min. F821DVD $39.95

$ 39.95

Special Effects

Learn classic special effects used by Hollywood FX creators. From glitter FX to making bullet holes, fake fire and safely running your actor down by a car, this DVD takes your special effects skills to a higher level. With creativity & knowledge you can incorporate some big budget Hollywood techniques using low budget camera tricks and editing software. Discover how to use green screen effects to put your characters in any setting. As a special bonus we have included step-by-step screen recorded presentations of how we produced some of these special effects using Adobe premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Particle Illusion.

• Natural Transition FX
• Creating Sound FX - Foley Style
• Green Screen Magic Glitter FX
• Earthquake FX
• Creating Fire with Software
• Hit By A Car
• Gunshot Special FX
• The Bullet Hole FX.
(*Requires Windows, Adobe Premiere Pro & Photoshop to work along with the additional 29 minutes of Tutorials).

25 min. F822DVD $39.95

$ 39.95

Creating Action Videos

From shooting fight scenes to perfecting your action scene transitions, this program demonstrates many ways to help you create and improve your Action Videos.

• Shooting Fight Scenes
• Gun Muzzle Flashes
• Action Scene Transitions
• The 24p Film-Look Effect
• Compositing Sets with Images & Video
• Camera Angles & Techniques

28 min. F824DVD $39.95

$ 39.95

Online Video

Online Video Production gives you new insight into creating video projects for online video sharing sites. As an extra bonus, the DVD comes with several of Videomaker's best articles (in .pdf format) with specific interest to creators of online video, including compression techniques, shooting video for the web and online video marketing advice. This DVD will help you get the best out of internet video!

• History of Online Video
• Capturing Video For The Web
• Online Video
• Equipment, Web Cams
• Video Compression For The Web
• Uploading Videos
• Video Marketing Strategies

32 min. F823DVD $39.95

$ 39.95

Videomaker: Advanced Shooting

This program focuses on the basic techniques to help refine shooting skills and tell a better story. Teaches: shot sheets, logs, slates, lenses & filters, exposure & shutter, camera moves, handheld techniques and composition.

30 min.

$ 39.95

Videomaker: Video Editing

Learn some of the tips and tricks that will help you take your productions to the next level. This program will introduce you to the tools, techniques and technology you need to edit like a pro, inlcuding tips for top-notch titles, creative composites, cool color and speed effects.

27 min.

$ 39.95

Videomaker: Digital Video Editing

Learn important information about the tools you'll need to get started as a digital video editor including valuable tips and techniques for creating titles, editing sequences and editing audio.

30 min.

$ 39.95

Videomaker: Sound Success

Good audio is essential for good video. This program teaches the tools, terms and techniques needed in order to capture and edit top-notch audio for video. Teaches: Microphone types, Wired or wireless, indoor audio, outdoor audio, editing audio & audio sweetening.

30 min.

$ 39.95

Videomaker: Basic Shooting

Learn the basics to help you shoot like a pro. This program is designed to help students produce dynamic productions and create top quality programming. Teaches: button basics, lighting, sound advice, art of composition, smooth moves & steady shots.

30 min.

$ 39.95

Videomaker: Light It Right

The Essential Guide to Lighting for Video. Join the experts as they examine the lighting techniques that will help turn your ideas into top quality, professional productions. Teaches: light theory, tools and terms of lighting, studio lighting, indoor/daytime light, outdoor/nighttimelight.

30 min.

$ 39.95

Videomaker: Authoring & Design

Learn an introduction to DVD authoring, authoring tools, menu design, navigation & linkages, DVD extras & MPEG-2 encoding & burning.

$ 39.95

Videomaker: Video Editing: Titles & Graphics

The Art of Titles & Graphics. Graphics & titles should be considered from the start of any production, so scenes can be shot to accommodate there inclusion. Teaches: titles & graphics, splash screens & opening titles, segment IDS, lower thirds & bugs, diagrams & info graphs, credit rolls & crawls.

$ 39.95

Basics of Videography DVD

Videomaker's Basics of Videography DVD combines three entire Videomaker programs: Basic Shooting, Light It Right! and Sound Success, with the ease of navigation and quality DVD. This program comes with bonus content from Ulead, Digital Juice and Tri Lab. PROGRAMS INCLUDE: Basic Shooting: With a few simple tips, you’ll be on your way to producing top-notch videos while having fun in the process. Program includes: • Camcorder Features and Functions • Button Basics • Lighting Basics • Sound Advice • The Art of Composition. Light It Right! The experts at Videomaker examine the lighting techniques that will help you turn your videos into top-notch, professional-looking productions. Program includes: • Light Theory • Tools and Terms of Lighting • Studio Lighting • Indoor Daytime Lighting • Outdoor Daytime Lighting • Outdoor Nighttime Lighting. Sound Success: Discover new ways to make your videos better and more interesting with the use of quality sound microphones and techniques. Program includes: • Mike Types • Wired or Wireless • Overcoming Indoor Audio Problems • Overcoming Outdoor Audio Problems • Editing Audio • Audio Sweetening.

90 min.

$ 69.95

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