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Welcome to the FIRST LIGHT catalog, proudly celebrating 20 years as the premier publisher and distributor of Entertainment Industry-standard media arts training programs! Whatever your aspiration, careers in the allied Entertainment Industries are all about ACTION!

Film School Catalog ImageFrom the student film to the festival circuit; the internship to the edit bay; the blank page to the back story; and Fade-In to Credit Crawl, FIRST LIGHT TAKES YOU TO THE GREEN LIGHTT! Our programs, created by practicing experts, are designed for students, teachers, journeymen and professionals across film, television, music, theater and the performing arts. We have organized this new catalog by Industry, Discipline and Craft to help you zoom into your interests with ease and to discover new ones! Whether you are a Below-The-Line pro seeking new skills, or the actor in search of technique training, you will find it all easily in these pages!

Our programs provide unique teaching opportunities - bringing experts and their teaching tools into the classroom or library. As one of the most important teaching resources for students and institutions, you'll find an exciting array of new programs for broadcast, production, theatre, scriptwriting and digital media.

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