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American Contemporary Theater - The Haint: A Southern Gothic Ghost Story
Category: Theater, Performing Arts
Sub-Category: American Contemporary Drama
Series: American Theater
Item No: F861DVD
SRP: $39.95
UPC: 709629008618
Copyright: 2002
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 60
American Contemporary Theater - The Haint: A Southern Gothic Ghost Story
      A Southern Gothic Ghost Story. Welcome to Midway, Tennessee (population: 1602), home of: Dick and Thelmas Tastee Freeze, Knuckleberry Farms, Cottage Prayer Meetings... oh yeah ... and one ghost. Her name is Bloody Mary and she gunned down the lover who never loved her, then turned the gun on herself. Now, Midway is haunted by her ghost and the townspeople, God-loving Americans that they are, have almost all come to the same conclusion: shes the perfect tourist attraction. Welcome to Troy Minks The Haint, an hilarious one-man tour de force. Part murder mystery, part comedy, The Haint is a shaggy-dog ghost story with a cast of thirteen unforgettable characters. From a sleazy gee-aw-shucks mayor to a chain-smoking lesbian aethiest to a ghost-busting sheriff to a shrimp-dip obsessed town simpleton to an effeminate New Age spirtualist... ...all thirteen hilarious characters are played by just one actor: Troy Mink. Seattle Weekly calls Mink "phenomenally talented." The Seattle Times says "The Haint is scary in a loopy, will-o-the wisp sort of way, and very funny." The Stranger writes that Troy makes all of his offbeat characters "completely compelling and extremely funny.... Mink will charm and entertain you with his off-kilter world." Troy Mink has for many years been a respected member of the Improv scene in Seattle, whose critics have all applauded The Haint. Mink inhabits the world of The Haint so completely because these people are his people. He puts their quirky Southern tics on wonderful display, but with the love and respect due the neighbors and relations from whence theyve come. Minks characters have the "breadth and warmth of humanity" (Seattle Weekly). Take a little detour south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Coast into Midway and ask the way to Bloody Marys Haunted House. Let The Haint leave you haunted and howling, all at the same time. "The Haint [is] a one-man show that debuted at Seattles annual Fringe Festival. Troy Mink, who wrote the play, took on 13 eccentric characters in a funny and skillful performance. Its a play I had actually seen live... The video allowed me to focus on Mr. Minks very mobile face, which is the star of the show."-The Wall Street Journal. "...The Haint actually has more to say than what’s on the surface. The play cuts deep into America’s obsession with theme attractions and says a lot about how people capitalize on tragedy. It also looks at the way people view scandals and the paranormal and at how quickly people jump on and off a moving bandwagon. The Haint has been popular enough to spawn a spin-off piece based on one of the characters, but if you don’t live in Seattle, you probably couldn’t have seen it until now. Now there’s no excuse."-Apollo Guide. "...The Haint in Minks able and quicksilver hands becomes a dazzling pantheon of Southern eccentrics.... were fascinated by what Mink will do next with his rubber face, distinctive hand gestures and expressive voice."-The Oregonian. "...each one of Minks characters is a believable individual.... Their voices, speech patterns, mannerisms and relationships to each other are all precisely defined. Each character is familiar but never the cheap stereotype, funny but not cartoonish. Minks ability to switch from one character to the next, physically and vocally, is unfailing. Every time he makes a switch, we are aware instantly of which character is before us and, like any good character in any good story, we are glad to see them again."-Willamette Week. The inhabitants of Midway, in Troy Minks words. The Townsfolk. Robert Dale: The 64 year old nephew of Mary. Robert was born and raised in Midway and seldom leaves. He lives in a small one bedroom apartment alone after his wife, Darlene, died 9 years ago. Robert is a retired security guard. The one thing he looks forward to daily is his trip to 7-11 where he buys a 32oz. CokeTM. Robert sleeps with a night light on in his bedroom. Sister Opal Avery: An 86 year old contemporary of Mary, her best friend as a young girl. Opal is not a nun, as many suspect; she is named Sister as she is well respected as an elder in her Baptist church. Opal is always ready with a hug and some warm cocoa for any visitor who stops by. She enjoys reading classic books in her time at home. She says her favorite book is "The Good Book", the Bible. She hails originally from Talula, TN, about 26 miles east of Midway. Carlotta Sue Philpott: This 60-something year old woman was born and raised in Midway. She is married to Fred and they have one son, Kenny. Carlotta somehow knows something about everybody in town. She is very active in her church and presently lives in the Happy Valley Trailer Park. She resents people stereotyping others who live in trailer parks and says she likes her trailer just fine. "I like it and it is OUR HOUSE! We own it, thank you! DO you own your own place?" Carlotta has worked many jobs including the K-Mart Cafeteria in Nolansville, TN. Louann Wooten: At 72 LouAnn lives alone in a house she saved for most of her life. Working as an architect at a well respected firm in Chicago, IL she was in charge of an entire department which she says "ran like clockwork. We never missed a deadline. But never!" She grew tired of the big city and had dreams of living in a small quiet town far away from the madding crowd. She enjoys painting, gardening and occasionally some baking. She has a picture prominently placed in her house of a woman that, when no one is around, she stares longingly at and gets a tear in her eye. Stuart Price Floyd: Stuart, brother to Carlotta, is 3 years older than she. His parents always referred to Stuart as "special." He has depended on Carlotta much of his life as he cannot read or write. In Midway there were no special facilities for Stuart to attend so he stayed at home much of the time or visited with Sister Avery who lived next door. Stuart developed schizophrenia at age 28, on top of being developmentally disabled. He understands the voices he hears to be a gift. He presently lives with Carlotta in Kennys old room. Mayor Corbin Husker: Corbin has been the Mayor of Midway for almost 15 years now. His father was a bluegrass traveling musician so he lived in Nashville most of his life. He went to community college and obtained a B.S. degree. He likes to call himself "the peoples people person." He became mayor at age 40. Before pursuing a life in politics (as he refers to it), he worked as a private businessman in his own carpentry shop. He had 3 employees at the time: Clarence, Jerry, & Slaw. Says the mayor, "If I could manage those 3 diddlehoppers and make them produce over 500 different pieces of furniture during my time there, I surely can manage an entire town!" Pastor Roy Root: Minister of the Modern Present Day Prophesying Baptist Church for over 22 years. Pastor Roy sees himself as a modern day prophet. "Im on the inside of outside the church! I know whos what and what is who! Dont even try to mix me up!" Most of the people who attend the right reverends church have no earthly idea what he is talking about but they certainly enjoy listening to his enthusiastic presentation! Praise! Sheriff Sam Gruntly: Sam got his law enforcement license from the Nolansville School of Law Enforcement & Pizza Pub In the Back. Feeling ever-prepared, after he graduated, to go back and defend the town he was raised in and bullied. "Law is more than getting even, its getting Steven! Get the fella that done it! Nuff said!" Sam has a brother who owns the only cinema in town named Jim. Buchwald Reginald Fevaan: Bucky, as everyone calls him in town and he abhors, moved to Midway from Austin, MN. He is 26 and moved there after meeting a "friend" at the local antique shop. When he heard of the ghost activity in town he stayed and opened his own Mysterious Rocks shop. After the shop went belly-up Bucky was stranded in Midway and forced to work as a projectionist at Jim Gruntleys cinema. Things that Bucky enjoys doing in his spare time are leaving town and taking trips. Otis Warren: Otis, native of Alabama, 56 years old, moved to Midway when a friend got him a job as a contractor for a realty company. He liked living there so much he stayed. Otis enjoys carpentry and worked for a time at Mayor Corbins old shop. Now he just does it for fun. Otis keeps to himself most of the time preferring to work in his garage. His wife, Doris, and he own their own place. Otis plans to retire in a few years and move back to Alabama where he still has siblings.
Program Testimonial
      3 Stars. Recommended. Video Librarian.
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