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Basic Radio Skills: Radio Drama
Category: Radio Production
Sub-Category: Technical & Creative Techniques
Series: Basic Radio Skills Series
Item No: F732DVD
SRP: $149.00
UPC: 709629007321
Copyright: 1987
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 55
Basic Radio Skills: Radio Drama
      Shaun Mclaughlin, director of over 200 BBC radio plays, leads a master class at the Australian Radio, Film and Television School in the rehearsal and production of a short radio drama. Part 1 features the rehearsal and recording process with emphasis on creating the precise sonic environment and ambience for each scene. Part 2 covers the finished scene and Part 3 shows the cast at work and how each ambience and effect is achieved.
Series Testimonial
      "These programs have made my job much easier. They are very useful in tying whole concepts together." - Donald E. Smith, Associate Professor Communications, Elizabethtown College
Program Testimonial
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