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Digital Cinema Compositing Module - Including Full HD Editing File
Category: Film Television & Video
Sub-Category: Film Making
Series: Digital Cinema Filmmakers Training Course
SRP: $329.00
UPC: 709629099975
Copyright: 2006
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 3hr 5 min.
Digital Cinema Compositing Module - Including Full HD Editing File
      This 23 part Digital Keying Guide teaches how to create believable Compositing images. It concentrates on Lighting the Green or Blue Screen Background, Lighting Foreground Plate and Subject, Matching Fore-to-Background, Camera Settings, Using Keying Hardware, Directing Actors, Keying in Post, Using Keying Software and more. Often you will be called upon to film a scene that is to be composited over a background requiring you to film the against a color (green or blue) screen, then remove that color in post and composite the scene onto the desired background. It sounds simple but is a very complicated procedure that goes beyond setting up actors against a green paper background. Covers planning, scripting, charting, accurate lighting, specific direction of actors and color-matched post compositing. This module will teach you lighting to post, how to set the height and angle of the background camera, match it to the foreground camera; teaches matching the color, direction and intensity of the subjects instruments with the background natural light; delves deeper with an action scene that teaches you how to blend action elements with proper direction for actor eyelines. The final part of the module teaches post production compositing and also contains a 3.5 GB full HD 1080i file with all the elements needed to build an action scene for practice by copying to a PC or MAC and dropping it into a compositing program. 4 DVD Set. COMP1: 62 min Opening (2 min.) Pre-Light (15 min.) Introduction to Compositing (2 min.) Edges/Spill (3 min.) Screen/Room Size (3 min.) Garbage Mattes (2 min.) Real-World Issues (1 min.) Matching Bkgrd (3 min.) Bkgrd Plate Prep (3 min.) General Lighting (4 min.)Aesthetics (3 min.) Specific Lighting (5 min.) Metal-Halide & Sodium Vapor Sources (2 min.) Video Noise (1 min.) Camera Angles (1 min.) Camera Settings (12 min.). COMP2: 48 min Lighting the Foreground Step by Step (18 min.) Quick Lighting Summary (3 min.) Analyzing Lighting in Detail (5 min.) Analyzing Each Light Source (5 min.) Filming the Action (3 min.) Coordinating Secondary Action (13 min.) Final Note (1 min.). COMP3: 50 min Diagrams (3 min.Screen Prep (3 min.) Spot Meter (4 min.) Zebra Control (4 min.) Waveform (6 min.) Vectorscope (5 min.) Polarizers (2 min.)Scene Prep (4 min.) Ultimatte DV (5 min.)Lighting Control through Hardware Keyer (2 min.) Lighting Summary (2 min.) Specific Lighting (3 min.) Creating Atmosphere to Mimic Background (3 min.) Filming the Shot (3 min.) Final Note (1 min.). COMP4: 25 min Intro & Software (4 min.) Cropping (2 min.) Spill Suppression (2 min.) Backgrounds (1 min.) Lighting Correlation (1 min.) Crop Marks (1 min.) Lens Settings (3 min.) Aesthetics (2 min.) Final Notes (1 min.) SD Footage for Practice (4 min.) HD Footage for Practice (4 min.).
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DVD Hard Copy
Includes Public Performance Rights
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