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Mass Communication The Electronic Darkroom: The Future Of Photography
Category: Mass Communications
Sub-Category: Media
Item No: F992
SRP: $89.95
UPC: 709629519923
Copyright: 1998
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: VHS
Minutes: 33
Mass Communication The Electronic Darkroom: The Future Of Photography
      A terrific video for an introduction to mass media courses as well as traditionalphotography and computer courses. Photography has merged with the computer. This program will show students the future of photography. Trends in photography show that computers are not only replacing the darkroom but film itself. Dr. Sam Winch walks you through the process of photo image to print. Discover how a typical college newspaper uses the new technology. The photo-editor shows students how the AP Leaf Picture Dest provides images to newspapers across the country and the managing editor also explains the economics of such a system. Finally see how the associated press uses its network of photographers & how it makes these photos.
Series Testimonial
DVD Hard Copy
Includes Public Performance Rights
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