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National Geographic Filmmaker: Cinematographer Dennis Boni
Category: Film Television & Video
Series: How to Make It In Film
Item No: F2830DVD
SRP: $49.95
UPC: 709629028302
Copyright: 2016
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 30
National Geographic Filmmaker: Cinematographer Dennis Boni
      How to Make It In Film consists of a series of behind the scenes interviews with regional, national and international filmmakers, editors, directors, writers, cinematographers, producers and many others who work in the film industry. Each program includes questions taken from a live studio audience consisting of students in the film and film studies division at George Mason University. Covering all aspects of the filmmaking process, each program is designed to enlighten students and take them through all the steps to Make It in Film. From the roles of sound editors to assistant directors, scriptwriters to location managers, cinematographers to producers, webisode producers to film critics and documentary filmmakers to actors, they€™ll discover the role of each position and what it takes to Make It in the business. DENNIS BONI is an award-winning cinematographer who has worked on such projects as the PBS series Journey to Planet Earth. A Steadicam operator for more than 20 years, Boni was one of the few cinematographers handpicked to be trained by Garret Brown, inventor of the Steadicam. He was nominated for National Emmy Awards, for his DP/Steadicam work on the Smithsonian project, Remembering Vietnam: The Wall at 25, and for Koppel Groups, Peoples Republic of Capitalism.
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