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Play It Safe - Introduction To Theatre Safety
Category: Theater, Performing Arts
Sub-Category: Visual Effects, Sets & Props
Item No: F698DVD
SRP: $119.00
UPC: 709629006980
Copyright: 2005
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 82
Play It Safe - Introduction To Theatre Safety
      Safety habits every theatre and production worker should learn! Save yourself the emotional and legal problems of an accident and make sure everyone in your theatre or production team watches this tape! Play It Safe gives you hundreds of guidelines , samples and rules so that workers can develop safer habits. This program is divided into six sections: Basic OSHA regulations, general safety practices, chemical hazards and personal protection equipment, stage lighting safety, costume shop safety and scene and prop safety.
Series Testimonial
Program Testimonial
      "These programs will be the cornerstone of our yearly safety campaign. " - Carey Lawless, Production Manager, Graduate Theater Program, Columbia University, York.
DVD Hard Copy
Includes Public Performance Rights
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