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Smithees Lecture: A Digital Editing Exercise
Category: Film Television & Video
Sub-Category: Post Production
Item No: F1115DVD
SRP: $299.00
UPC: 709629011151
Copyright: 2003
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 25 & 150
Smithees Lecture: A Digital Editing Exercise
      A Dynamic Educational Resource Designed For Use In The Classroom Where Video Editing Is Taught.Telly Award Winning. By Award Winning Filmmaker, David Liban. Editing is a powerful art form that can make or break a good video or film. Teaching video editing effectively requires access to raw footage, audio, actors, and a well-crafted script. This unique program and educational resource, provides the tools to teach the concepts, theories and practices that have become the visual language of our current media form. With over two hours of raw footage, multiple subplots, multiple characters, music, sound effects, graphics and compositing elements this program provides numerous ways for students to reconstruct the film and edit the program. The Premise: Smithees Lecture is a 25 minute short video featuring five students in a mad rush to attend a lecture given by famous Hollywood director, Alan Smithee. The story-line has multiple characters and subplots giving students an opportunity to edit their own version of the story, while learning the various styles and methods of storytelling an editor has at their disposal. There are a number of subjects featured including split editing, logging, compositing, media management, sound mixing and a number of performance-based decision making. The program also teaches parallel editing, montage editing and continuity editing so students can practice these editing styles. One scene is fully slated to teach synching audio. The original shooting script and the producers finished version are also included so professors can demonstrate how the program can be cut together and the different approaches an editor might take. Features of the program: € Logging € Media management € Importing Media € Parallel Editing € Montage Editing € Thematic editing € Continuity Editing€ Split ends (J & L cutting). € Performance-based decision-making.€ Compositing. € Synching € Sound Editing, Mixing & Sweetening.
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      Telly Award Winning.
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