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The Command Course PLUS Series - 34 DVD Set Plus 1 Blue-Ray Disc
Category: Film Television & Video
Sub-Category: Film Making
Series: Digital Cinema Filmmakers Training Course
SRP: $1572.00
UPC: 709629099784
Copyright: 2006
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 50 Hours.
The Command Course PLUS Series - 34 DVD Set Plus 1 Blue-Ray Disc
      SAVE $460! 34 DVDs Plus 1 Blu-Ray Disc Set Only $1,572.00. Over 50 Hours of Learning. For Filmmakers and students who want to go a step further and learn advanced movie production techniques, compositing & intermediate audio, The Command Plus course includes the Basic Course PLUS 21 more hours of instruction in 4 instruction modules. The Digital Cinema Course is a multi module course that starts with the screenplay. Includes detailed instructions on proper structure and creating solid characters using a dramatic short film, teaching writers the how to overcome screenwriting traps, obstacles and disasters and how to write clearly. Categorizing specific writing methods and tools, it inspires writers who may have given up on dramatic storytelling. Computer graphics show how to physically construct a screenplay, content format, paper and binding to use. The section on film editing starts with a history of editing and digital nonlinear editing basics. It abides by the rule that the best cinematographer or director is first a competent editor. The equipment use sections show equipment and gear from the basic C-stand to the intricate use of color gels and corrective filtration, preparing filmmakers for making movies with HMI, tungsten, and fluorescent lighting. Explore basic production in a controlled studio environment with lighting, lenses, shots, depth of field, composition and axes of movement. The next section, movie production (10 hours), puts all this learning to the test on a real movie set, complete with variables that assault filmmakers while digital film making. Because movies are primarily a visual art, the lighting section goes deep into lighting a film set with faith to the scripts intention. Whether to mimic candlelight, firelight, or fluorescent warehouse lighting, this section discusses the most difficult situations that a cinematographer may confront. The Gear Guide module is an 11 program set (also available as individual programs) covering lighting and camera packages and component use in detail for field and studio use (also includes mic booms). (The Digital Cinema Plus Course includes DCT-AMP, DCT-COMP, DCT-A102, DCT-BP, DCT-MP, DCT-LS, DCT-GG, DCT-ATG & DCT-REF). Includes Student Course Materials - Extra & Accessories for classroom and field use (10 Copies). This series is available as complete courses or individual modules for educational use. Includes license for classroom use.
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Includes Public Performance Rights
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