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The Four Circles of Attention Model
Category: Theater, Performing Arts
Sub-Category: Acting & Directing
Series: Stanislavsky from the Outside In - React & Act - Stanislavsky Materialized
Item No: F2692DVD
SRP: $49.99
UPC: 709629226920
Copyright: 2011
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 18
The Four Circles of Attention Model
      STANISLAVSKY MATERIALIZED: Body Over Mind - Let the Audience Know What Youre Thinking. In these three programs, we use Models of Human Behavior that take observations from life and make them bigger than life so that behavior can be identified and worked with for communicating life truthfully back to an audience. These Models provide both structure and vocabulary which allow them to be applied to your acting, directing or writing and then effectively shared and repeated. The Importance of On-camera Eyeline. Continues the discovery that our bodies can reflect what our minds are thinking by revealing how we place our attention in different locations including the past, present and future. Essential information for on-camera eyeline. Teaches: Attention on your own body; attention on your immediate surroundings; attention outside your immediate surrounding; attention "one with the universe."
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