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The Hold Up Rushes: An Editing Exercise With Roger Ebert (2 DVD Set)
Category: Film Television & Video
Sub-Category: Post Production
SRP: $119.00
UPC: 709629016231
Copyright: 2004
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director: Roger Ebert
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 17
The Hold Up Rushes: An Editing Exercise With Roger Ebert (2 DVD Set)
      Nationally syndicated film critic Roger Ebert takes students from rushes to the fine cut of a dramatic band robbery scene. Mr. Ebert€™s commentary provides insights into basic editing techniques such as matching action, parallel editing and continuity as well as the effects of camera angles, point of view and reaction shots. The film concludes with two edited versions, illustrating the widely different approaches an editor might take in assembling the sequence. Unedited, slated rushes are available in various video and film formats, providing students with an opportunity to edit their own version of the scene. The sequence is designed so that it can be edited as a silent film or with single or double system sound. Content: Rushes DVD includes separate files of video clips and sound files so that students can sync up audio and video themselves. Rushes DVD files are formatted for both Macintosh & Windows standard file formats. There are no Ebert comments, just the raw footage with sound synched. The audio is combined in the rushes version, however the audio maybe removed in editing. This program now also includes separate audio files. Each scene includes stand-alone audio track. (Includes The Movie with the audio synced and The movie with the audio files). (2 DVD: 1-mov files (MAC) & 1-avi files (PC).
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