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Twilight Cameraman - The remarkable Craft of Optical Printing
Category: Animation, Special & Visual Effects
Sub-Category: Visual Effects
Item No: F1191DVD
SRP: $79.95
UPC: 706929011915
Copyright: 2007
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 14
Twilight Cameraman - The remarkable Craft of Optical Printing
      A Great Historical Program for a Visual Effects Class. Twilight Cameraman gives a rare glimpse into the remarkable craft of optical printing which was of great importance in the field of visual effects. It demonstrates the step-by-step procedures used to shoot film opticals. Before his transition into digital, Visual Effects cameraman Mark Sawicki documented the old style craftsmanship of the traditional optical cameraman. This program is a wonderful companion piece to the Albert Whitlock: A Master of Illusion as Sawicki worked as cameraman for Whitlocks protégés Bill Taylor and Syd Dutton (now effects supervisors). This program pays homage to an exciting craft that was handed down from one camera person to another in the last age of apprenticeship.
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