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Making It In Hollywood - The Directors Series
Making It In Hollywood - The Directors Series
Honoring Hollywoods Finest Directors & Cinemas Finest Filmmakers, Discussing all Aspects of Their Careers & the Art of Filmmaking. A must-have for film students! This innovative series goes behind the scenes of different movies & talks with each director about their careers behind the camera. It provides masterful insights on the craft of directing & is a fabulous source of insight, anecdotes & industry secrets for students of film. Discover directors earliest reactions to scripts for films that became classics; how legendary scenes were staged & shot & directors unique approaches to their art. Each program features an interview with the director, selected guests, film clips & stills. Directors Featured in the Series Include: ROBERT ALTMAN - ROBERT BENTON - TIM BURTON - JAMES CAMERON - CHRIS COLUMBUS - WES CRAVEN - CAMERON CROWE - FRANK DARABONT - JONATHON DEMME - RICHARD DONNER - CLINT EASTWOOD - NORA EPHRON - WILLIAM FRIEDKIN - TERRY GILLIAM - RON HOWARD - LAWREN" KASDAN - SPIKE LEE - BARRY LEVINSON - GEORGE LUCAS - DAVID LYNCH - ADRIAN LYNE - GARRY MARSHALL - PENNY MARSHALL - SYDNEY POLLACK - ROB REINER - MARTIN SCORSESE - RIDLEY SCOTT - TONY SCOTT - BRYAN SINGER - STEVEN SPIELBERG - OLIVER STONE - ROBERT ZEMECKIS - DAVID ZUCKER
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