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Master Storytellers Series: Screenwriters on Screenwriting
Master Storytellers Series: Screenwriters on Screenwriting
The Writers Guild Foundation Presents Master Storytellers: Screenwriters On Screenwriting Series. First Light Video is proud to partner with The Writers Guild Foundation in the distribution of their outstanding series, Master Storytellers: Screenwriters On Screenwriting. Professional screen and television writers, as well as aspiring students, have the rare opportunity to learn from master storytellers as they intimately share their creative process, craft virtuosity, and passion for the written word in its marriage to the screen. Three outstanding series have been designed to showcase the writing process from concept to fade-out, with a selection of highly acclaimed writers.
Writers on Writing: Jimmy Mcgovern
The acclaimed U.K. writer of television series Cracker, The Lakes and ..
Writers on Writing: Joe Eszterhas
The controversial and outspoken writer of box-office juggernauts such ..
Writers on Writing: Marco Pennette
Television writer and creator of Caroline in the City and Crumbs and ..
Writers on Writing: Paul Attanasio
A writer equally at home in film (Quiz Show, Donnie Brasco, The Good ..
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