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Shaping Your Sound Series
Shaping Your Sound Series
Hosted by engineer, producer and master teacher, Tom Lubin, Shaping Your Sound is the acclaimed series of programs designed to teach professional recording techniques to engineers, video production personnel, musicians and home recordists. Dozens of demonstrations, animated sequences and live music examples in HiFi stereo make each tape a powerful learning and reference tool. If youre ready to take the next step in making professional recordings, youre ready to begin Shaping Your Sound. The five programs in the original Shaping Your Sound Series have now been condensed into two feature-packed DVDs. Hosted by world-renowned educator, producer & engineer Tom Lubin, these programs give you the skills you need to make good recordings sound great!
Shaping Your Sound Series Part 1: Microphones,..
This series teaches how to best mike, record and mix drums, guitars, ..