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Expressive Actor - Improvisation
Category: Theater, Performing Arts
Sub-Category: Acting & Directing
Series: Expressive Actor Training Series: Integrated Voice, Movement and Acting
Item No: F2804DVD
SRP: $49.99
UPC: 709629228047
Copyright: 2014
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 70
Expressive Actor - Improvisation
      A group of actors demonstrate a variety of improvisatory techniques and exercises designed to expand the actors imagination and expressive power. Rooted in impulse, spontaneity, and creativity, the improvisations will lead you to new and unfamiliar methods of expression never thought possible and many of which you have never experienced in your personal life. These basic exercises can easily be modified and adapted for on-going growth and development. All the while, your acting repertoire increases and becomes more nuanced and sophisticated.
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