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Lessons In Visual Language Set: Movement & Moving The Camera, Orientation Of The Camera, Framing, Shot Sizes & Framing Faults, Lenses & Perspective.
Category: Cinematography
Sub-Category: Visual Language
Series: Lessons In Visual Language Series
Item No: F1139DVD
SRP: $275.00
UPC: 709629011397
Copyright: 2004
CC: Yes
Marc Records: No
Language: English
Actor / Director:
Media Format: DVD
Minutes: 50
Lessons In Visual Language Set: Movement & Moving The Camera, Orientation Of The Camera, Framing, Shot Sizes & Framing Faults, Lenses & Perspective.
      Order The Series on DVD and Save $440! This award-winning series, devised and narrated by Peter Thompson, deals with the fundamental language of all moving images. Thompson opens our eyes to the basics of vision that we all take for granted. Imaginative editing, visual illusions and special effects constantly lead the viewer to redefine the meaning of the presented image. Each program is crammed with dramatic examples and startling concepts guaranteed to stimulate creativity and provoke discussion. This DVD covers Camera, Orientation, Framing, Shot Sizes, Lenses & Perspective. Orientation of the Camera: Thompson shows how we orient ourselves in space by a combination of what we see and other physiological cues. Moving images lack these other cues so special efforts must be made to provide the viewer with a sense of balance and equilibrium. Learn how moving images can be used to deliberately disturb the physiological equilibrium of the viewer. Framing: The positioning of a camera "puts frame around the world" and divides it into off-screen & on-screen space. See how the very choice of framing can define relationships, tell a story, create or release tension. Learn how we can convey information about off-screen space: the world in front of, behind and "all around" defined by the frame itself. Shot Sizes: This program defines the basic shot types of the film & video vocabulary from wide shot to big close-up & discusses the most effective use of each. Learn how to build up an action sequence from a combination of framings & the psychological impact of common framing errors. Lenses & Perspective: In a series of convincing demonstrations, Thompson shows that the position of the viewer or camera, is the governing factor in the perception of spatial relationships in the third dimension. He lays to rest the idea that lens focal length affects the appearance of depth.
Series Testimonial
      International Film & Television Festival of New York, Silver Medallion, Television Society of Australia Penguin Award for Best Closed Circuit Television Educational Program, Educare Australian Film Awards, Special Commendation
Program Testimonial
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